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Ways to Save Money on Printing

Posted: 8/3/21 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

Ways to Save Money on Printing

Printing is a scalable project. You may have one letter and envelope to print, or a mass mailing. You may have a pamphlet or a whole booklet to print. There are ways to handle each, and to help you save money on bulk printing projects.

Mass Letter Mailing

Get everything in place when getting a mailing together. If you plan to do the printing in house make sure you have enough paper, envelopes and other supplies. Set up the postage or bulk mail arrangements so things will go smoothly.
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The Importance of Labeling Packages

Posted: 8/3/21 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

Package Labeling Tips

Every business can benefit from keeping labels on hand. One of the most common uses is for shipping labels. Package labels go well beyond address and postage — although those two are important — but sometimes it is necessary or helpful to label for extra care or package contents.
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Labor Law Changes

Posted: 3/26/21 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

Are you in compliance with the latest labor laws? Due to some recent changes to these laws, many human resources departments need to update their signage in the workplace. Posting new HR posters in designated areas will keep your employees informed and protect your company from issues resulting from non-compliance. Take a closer look at the recent changes and how they affect your HR department.

Which States Need New Labor Law Postings?

Only certain workplaces will need to update their postings. If your business operates in any of the following states, you’ll need to make changes to the posters noted below:

  • Alaska: Minimum Wage
  • California: Fair Employment, IWC Industry Wage Orders, Pregnancy Disability and CFRA Leave and Unemployment Insurance
  • District of Columbia: Family and Medical Leave Act During COVID-19
  • Michigan: Paid Medical Leave
  • Nevada: OSHA
  • New York: Minimum Wage
  • Oklahoma: Workers’ Compensation
  • Utah: Unemployment Insurance
  • Virginia: Pregnancy Accommodation

These updates reflect changes that have been made to labor laws in 2021. For more details on these changes and to view any changes from 2020, click here.

Where to Buy Labor Law Posters

At The Supplies Shops, we make it easy to find any compliance and labor law posters you need for your workplace. Choose from federal labor law posters and state labor law posters to get quick, easy and affordable updates when labor law changes go into effect. Both English and Spanish posters are available to accommodate your employees. We also offer convenient poster sets for each state which contain both federal and state labor law posters in one simple package. If you need any help finding the right HR posters for your work environment or have questions about our selection, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 855-632-8520 or [email protected].

ORM-D Classification is Obsolete

Posted: 3/26/21 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has strict requirements when it comes to shipping and handling labels for hazardous materials. For many years, the Other Regulated Materials-Domestic (ORM-D) classification was one of the key designations used to note which shipments were permitted for certain types of transport. However, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has decided to phase out this classification, and as of December 31, 2020, it is obsolete. Here’s what that means for hazmat shippers and how The Supplies Shops can help you get the correct markings for your packages.

What Is Replacing the ORM-D Classification?

Hazmat shippers need to update their package markings beginning on January 1, 2021. Instead of the ORM-D mark used previously, shippers must now use a Limited Quantity marking. This classification features a simple symbol with a diamond shape and darkened triangles at the top and bottom. The Limited Quantity exception can be applied only if the package meets certain restrictions for ground or air transportation, and not all ORM-D packages will meet the requirements. Some packages may meet Consumer Commodity requirements for transportation by air. If a hazardous materials shipment does not meet all the conditions for either one of these markings, it must be prepared as a Fully Regulated Material package.

Where Can I Find Limited Quantity Labels?

If you need government regulated shipping labels, such as Limited Quantity, Consumer Commodity or Fully Regulated Material labels, we’ve got you covered at The Supplies Shops. We offer a wide range of shipping and handling labels to accommodate any package. In addition, our designers can create custom labels for specific needs, along with other custom products like business forms, tape, envelopes and file folders. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or 855-632-8520 to learn more.

Use our Envelope Guide on your next order!

Posted: 8/21/19 | Category:  Envelopes | By: 

There are an array of envelope sizes that are best suited for certain situations. If you are unfamiliar with envelopes, it can get quite confusing and frustrating. No worries! The Supplies Shops is here to help! We can help you navigate our selection of envelopes so that you find the right one for your business or organization.

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Attendance Calendars for 2019 – 2020 Now Available!

Posted: 7/29/19 | Category:  Filing Supplies, Forms, Product Review | By: 

Attendance calendars make tracking attendance easy, especially for teachers, administrators, and managers. Supplies Shops offers standard calendar year attendance calendars, running from January to December (25 Pack & 50 Pack). We also offer fiscal year calendars which run from July – June, and academic year attendance calendars which run from August – July. Therefore, our mid-year fiscal and academic calendars have just been updated for the 2019 – 2020 year. These sheets are 8-1/2″ x 11″ so they fit perfectly in HR files. They are also 3 hole punched for convenience to store in employee binders.

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New – Pockets, Job Jackets & More!

The Supplies Shops has expanded the range of products offered over time, especially in the filing supplies division. We are continually adding products we feel will be useful for our customers and ultimately make their lives easier. Therefore, we have added new file pockets, job jackets, and sheet protectors. We strive to offer quality products and great pricing for the thousands of products in our inventory. Order your filing supplies online today and enhance your company’s filing system!

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New Filing Supplies at The Supplies Shops!

Posted: 5/28/19 | Category:  Filing Supplies, Supplies Shops Product Highlights | By: 

The Supplies Shops carries a range of filing supplies to help you organize your filing system in the best way possible for you. We offer file folders for all industries, with specialties in medical filing foldersautomotive dealer filing folders, and legal filing folders. If you can’t find the products you need for filing paperwork, we can create custom file folders and supplies just for you! We have recently added several new products in this category including file out guides, poly file folders, paper organizers, and expanding envelopes.

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NEW Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape!

Posted: 4/10/19 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

This tape enhances the appearance of finished goods by eliminating rivets and screws while providing immediate handling strength. In most cases, fastening with double sided acrylic foam tape is a quicker process than drilling, fastening, or using liquid adhesive.

This versatile line of tapes can be used indoors or outdoors in a variety of applications, including window, door and sign assembly, electronics, construction and countless other industrial applications.The unique acrylic chemistry is extremely durable and resistant to change over time, making this a long-lasting and powerful tape you can trust.

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