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Get “I Voted” Stickers Now – Elections are Coming Up Fast!

Posted: 10/22/18 | Category:  Product Review, Supplies Shops Product Highlights | By: 

The United States midterm elections are coming up! Be prepared with “I Voted” stickers for the big day. We have 3 different “I Voted” sticker designs to choose from. All patriotic stickers come on a roll of 250 stickers that can be quickly and easily peeled.

Voted stickers/labels let voters proudly support the colors of red, white and blue on election day. Let everyone around know that you completed your civic duty and voted.

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Church Offering Envelopes that Offer a lot!

Posted: 9/26/18 | Category:  Envelopes, Product Review | By: 

Church offering envelopes are the perfect size for bills and checks. People can confidently put their contributions in the envelope and seal it shut! The die cut thumb notch under the flap allows you to quickly open the envelope without needing a letter opener.

We offer a classic white offering envelope and a variety of pastel colored offering envelopes. The colors are unique yet still professional. Also, the blank envelope leaves plenty of room for you to print your Tithe, Offering, Mission, Building and other Church information.

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Label Templates Now Available!

Posted: 9/20/18 | Category:  Filing Supplies, Product Review | By: 

The Supplies Shops offers quality self adhesive labels for various uses. We have the largest selection of top-quality labels and card products available.

These labels are designed for inkjet and laser printers. All products are manufactured for strength and durability to ensure they operate smoothly.

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Lithium Battery Labels for Safe Transportation!

Posted: 9/4/18 | Category:  How-To's, Product Review | By: 

With transportation comes regulations of how certain items can be shipped from one place to another. There are special packaging requirements for items that can be harmful if handled improperly.

The growth of electronic products has increased the demand for lithium batteries all over the world. However, they can be very dangerous and must be handled with caution. There are certain size and watt limits for lithium batteries and the ways they can be transported. Specifically, storing lithium batteries as cargo on a passenger aircraft is banned due to the chance of a catastrophic explosion. The energy created by these batteries can short circuit and catch on fire due to the chemical content.

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Canine & Feline Medical Forms

Posted: 8/16/18 | Shop:  Business Forms | Category:  Filing Supplies, Forms, Product Review | By: 

In any business, an effective system for collecting client information is necessary. Specifically, the healthcare industry sets high standards for care due to the stakes that are involved. It is critical that businesses in this industry organize client medical history. Many times, future treatments are determined from past medical activity.

These standards extend to animal care as well. Pet owners want their animals to be treated with the same care they would receive themselves. Clients get easily frustrated when they don’t receive quick and confident answers from their veterinarian. Our canine and feline medical forms can help you keep all medical activity recorded in one place!

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Custom Printed Envelopes Made by You!

There is a common perception that anything “customized” means a long and expensive process. Our customized envelopes prove otherwise. We have all of the regular #9 and #10 business envelopes you normally purchase, but available for customization! We can print return address text and an existing logo directly on your envelopes. This way when your envelopes are delivered, they are ready to use! There is no need for in-house printing or hand written envelopes. With custom printed envelopes you’ll have more time to focus on important business matters.

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Legal File Dividers – For your larger documents!

Posted: 7/16/18 | Category:  Filing Supplies, How-To's, Product Review | By: 

Custom Legal Divider Tabs

For larger document file holders, such as legal filing products, letter size dividers are not sufficient. Documents could be damaged due to less coverage and could go missing if they are ripped out due to documents being exposed and not confined to the appropriate section. Custom legal size dividers are the perfect solution! They are ideal for index briefs, legal exhibits, mortgage documentation files, and other similar documents. You can select from a durable 90lb stock in either white or manila. To add, each tab, hole, and binding strip is reinforced with Mylar lamination for added protection and strength, designed for long usage without tearing!

The Custom File Divider Wizard allows you to create your own tab dividers with the text and color you desire. This online tool gives you the power to personalize your tabs from anywhere! At the end of the process, you will see a proof of your design to ensure they are printed as you imagined.

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