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End Tab vs. Top Tab Folder System – The Supplies Shops

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End Tab vs. Top Tab Folder System – The Supplies Shops

End Tab vs. Top Tab Folder System – The Supplies Shops
Posted: 3/17/23 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 

End Tab vs. Top Tab Folders

Hundreds of file folder styles are available to store and manage important documents. However, before browsing the many options, you must decide where to use end tab folders or top tab folders. Both are effective file storage methods in the right situation — but in the wrong situation, they can become a real hassle. The office supply experts at The Supplies Shops have the answers to help you create a successful filing system.

End Tab or Top Tab?

The terms “end tab” and “top tab” refer to where the indexing area is positioned for adding labels, file headings and other identifiers. End tab folders have a tab on the side which makes them viewable while on a shelf. Top tab folders have a tab on the top to read the headings when they’re in a filing cabinet drawer.

The top tab system is the most common filing method, but it’s not always the best option. Several factors should be considered, including the available office space, what filing equipment you already have, the number of records you’re storing and how many people will be accessing the records.

Each type of file folder will not fit where the other goes — i.e., an end tab folder won’t fit in most filing cabinets and a top tab folder won’t fit on most filing shelves. So once you’ve selected a system, you should expect to be using it long-term. This makes choosing the proper filing system for your needs even more important.

When to Use End Tab Folders

An end tab shelf system works well for high-density filing that needs to be accessed frequently and/or is accessed by a lot of people. You’re able to fit more folders in less area, making them a good choice when office space is limited. Finally, shelves are often less expensive than filing cabinets, helping you reduce costs. On the other hand, end tab filing is not as secure, and since the indexing space is vertical, your labeling system may be more limited.

When to Use Top Tab Folders

Top tab drawer filing systems are best for smaller record-keeping needs. They’re excellent if only a few people are accessing the folders or if you want to limit access since the filing cabinet drawers can be locked. The folders also can be kept in desk drawers and boxes, letting you switch locations as needed. Since the tabs are horizontal, labels can be more detailed and easier to read. Among the drawbacks is that a top tab system takes up more space and usually requires special “hanging folders” to prevent them from getting jumbled in the drawer.

Filing Supplies from The Supplies Shops

Both end tab and top tab folders are available from The Supplies Shops in many sizes, styles and colors. We offer file labels as well as custom file folders to help you come up with the right indexing system for your needs. Call us or use live chat to speak directly with someone who knows filing systems back to front.

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