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How Label Printing for Shipping Helps the Customer Experience

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How Label Printing for Shipping Helps the Customer Experience

How Label Printing for Shipping Helps the Customer Experience
Posted: 6/15/23 | Shop:  Labels | Category:  How-To's, Workplace | By: 

The Impact of Shipping and Handling Labels on Customer Experience

Almost every year, more consumers and businesses are getting items shipped to them. According to Digital Commerce 360, U.S. e-commerce topped one trillion for the first time in 2022. That doesn’t include in-person orders, documents, testing samples and other items that require shipping.

Retaining those buyers is more than just the products and services you offer. A Salesforce survey found nearly 90% of people consider the post-purchase experience to be just as important. This means using the right labels for shipping the items they buy or request.

Labels Increase Shipping Efficiency

Once someone has placed an order, they expect to receive it within the estimated timeframe – the shipping label is a big part of the logistics for making this happen. A basic label has everything the carrier needs to know: destination and return addresses, package weight, shipping class, etc. Scannable barcodes can provide additional information.

By having a clear, detailed shipping label, anyone who comes in contact with the package will immediately know how to handle it. This gets the package through the supply chain to its destination sooner, because missing or unclear information can cause delays and errors that lead to unhappy customers.

Labels Allow Better Shipment Handling

With so many things being sent on any given day, carriers must know how to handle them. Electronics have different requirements than perishable food, which have different requirements than jewelry and glass; shipping and handling labels provide instructions based on the package contents. You can let workers know to keep a box away from static or that it contains lithium batteries. There are also labels for toxic materials, to keep an item a certain side up or to indicate a package is a rush shipment. Using the proper labels helps ensure customers get the items they ordered in the condition they expect.

Labels Allow for Shipment Tracking

Customers don’t just want your word that a shipment will arrive on time, they want to know exactly where it is. Good label printing for shipping enables real-time order tracking: every time the barcode is scanned, an update is posted. This visibility and transparency greatly improve customer satisfaction as they’ll know you’ve shipped the package as promised, can monitor it themselves and are able to plan around the expected delivery time. If they do see a delay or other problem, it can quickly be addressed.

Labels Improve Branding

A good label is also a way to make your brand stand out. After all, when a customer has a satisfactory post-sale experience, you want them to associate it with you, not just the carrier (or a third-party e-commerce platform). Branded shipping labels with a logo, company name or artwork will get your message in front of customers. They’re also an opportunity to show your professionalism and that you pay attention to the smallest details. The Supplies Shops can customize shipping labels that meet your organization’s needs.

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