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The Marketing Power of Branded Carry Handles: How to Stand Out

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The Marketing Power of Branded Carry Handles: How to Stand Out

The Marketing Power of Branded Carry Handles: How to Stand Out
Posted: 7/6/23 | Shop:  Labels | Category:  How-To's, Workplace | By: 

The Marketing Power of Branded Carry Handles: How to Stand Out

Businesses are always looking for a way to distinguish themselves from competitors. Customized adhesive carry handles are a simple, affordable way to improve branding and sales. How can attaching these heavy-duty tape handles to large packages and boxes help build your brand? Let’s examine the marketing benefits of adhesive carry handles.

Influencing Others

Just like personalized bags and boxes, carry handles are a platform ripe for promotional opportunities. You can print your store’s logo, a seasonal message or anything else on a tape handle; take advantage of the long, narrow design and get the logo printed multiple times so it’s visible from any angle. You can even add the branding of the specific product it’s meant to carry, which improves customer association.

Furthermore, by attaching it directly to the primary packaging you won’t be shoving the product itself into a separate box or bag. This means that, as customers walk to the parking lot, others walking in will get a first-hand view of what they just bought. As noted by the Kellogg School of Management, this “visual influence” makes people more likely to buy what they see. 

Be Eco-Friendly

Many customers want to shop with organizations that look out for the environment. The Global Sustainability Study 2021 reported that, in the previous five years, 60% of people worldwide said that sustainability is an important factor when making purchases. Branded tape handles demonstrate that you’re eco-conscious and associate your logo with this positive image. You can directly add the handles to the packaging or offer them as an option at checkout.

For some businesses, alternative carry options are a must due to state or municipal plastic bag bans. Instead of treating these bans like a hassle, turn them into a promotional advantage with logo carry handles that tout your commitment to the environment and your customers. People are more likely to remember your business than those who use plain white handles or no handles at all.

Customer Convenience

In addition to helping future sales, a branded carry handle can have an immediate effect. Simply by making products easier to carry, you increase the likelihood of people buying them. The National Retail Federation says that, for 52% of shoppers, convenience is a factor in at least half their purchases. What could be more convenient and useful than grabbing a carry handle rather than maneuvering a large box or container? Some carry handles have a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds, meaning you won’t have to worry about breakage. And with more people grabbing these products off the shelf, that means more potential customers will see your logo.

Carry Your Brand to Greater Heights

As you can see, there are good reasons to use imprinted carry handles as part of your marketing efforts. The Supplies Shops can customize tape package handles for any need.

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