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Understanding the Different Types of Shipping Labels for Your Products

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Understanding the Different Types of Shipping Labels for Your Products

Understanding the Different Types of Shipping Labels for Your Products
Posted: 5/25/23 | Shop:  Facility, Labels | Category:  How-To's, Workplace | By: 

Understanding the Different Types of Shipping Labels for Your Products

A lot of different things get shipped in the modern economy; this means there are a lot of different labels. Whether you’re sending books, food, athletic equipment or hazardous waste, using the correct shipping label stickers will help items arrive promptly and safely.

As a leader in shipping and handling labels for packages, The Supplies Shops has years of experience with the labels that businesses need. Our team has a closer look at six of the most common shipping label types and when you should use them.

Address Labels

This is the most basic shipping label required for all packages – these labels can be generated by the sender or the carrier. It includes the addresses of both the recipient and sender along with the shipping class, the weight, the bar code and other information. If a package doesn’t have this label, it won’t reach its destination.

International Shipping Labels

You will need an international label if you are shipping to another country. As each country has its own requirements and regulations about shipping, these labels tend to contain more information than a domestic address label: international handling labels typically have a general content description and indicate whether the item is sensitive to large temperature changes or is fragile. This helps with both package handling and customs processing. 

Directional Arrow Labels

Commonly referred to as This Side Up labels, these are perhaps the most basic “extra” beyond the address label. If an item can get damaged by turning it the wrong way, an arrow label will indicate which direction the package needs to point. Arrow labels can also include other information such as that an item is top-heavy or should be handled cautiously.

Fragile Labels

From glassware to electronics, many items are shipped every day that can break easily. Adding fragile shipping labels will let workers know to be careful with your packages. While some may just have the word “fragile,” others add “handle with care” or directional arrows. Subsets of this category include glass and liquid labels and delicate instrument labels when more information is needed or required by law.

Hazard and D.O.T. Labels

These regulatory labels are mandated by the Department of Transportation to indicate hazardous materials, such as contents that are corrosive, flammable, toxic or radioactive. There are three types of D.O.T. handling labels: standard D.O.T. hazard labels have the class rating (one through nine) and a hazard word or symbol, pre-printed D.O.T. warning labels add a commodity name to give the carrier more information, and D.O.T. subsidiary risk labels have a hazard warning but not a class rating.

Special Handling Labels

This type of label provides further instructions on how to handle a package. Some common special shipping labels include “Keep Refrigerated,” “Do Not Double Stack,” “Liftgate Required” and “Organic.” Using them lets the carrier know what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do. If your organization has unique shipping requirements, you can get custom handling labels made to reflect this.

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