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To order by phone or for product assistance Call Toll Free: 855-632-8520

Ultra-High Bond UHB Tape – Double Coated Foam Tape

Ultra-High Bond UHB Tape – Double Coated Foam Tape

What is UHB tape? It’s an Ultra-High Bond tape with a double-sided foam adhesive. Basically, this is the tape to choose when you need tape that is super-strong, extremely durable and always reliable. Fortunately, The Supplies Shops has all the best varieties of UHB tape, and we make it easy to find the kind of double-sided foam tape that best suits your particular task needs. Browse this collection to find cross-linked poly tape with either acrylic adhesive or synthetic adhesive. We also offer various tape colors and sizes that complement various tape surfaces, so you can create an aesthetically pleasing seal. As for uses, this style of tape comes in handy for mounting signs, fixing circuit boards and many more projects requiring a quality adhesive tape.

Versatile High-Bond Adhesives

The versatility of our high-bond adhesive foam tapes is quite good, and the reason why is because this style of tape is designed to last a good long while. It has excellent tackiness for sticking to objects and both the acrylic and poly tapes can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Use UHB tape instead of going through the hassle of laborious drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing or welding. Yes, it’s that strong. Industries such as electronic manufacturing and window manufacturing make use it, and you may find numerous ways to put it to work for you.

Acrylic vs. Polyethylene

We provide two types of UHB tape for your shopping convenience. Clear acrylic does not change color due to sun exposure and holds up very well in low temperature conditions. Poly adhesive is lightweight and sturdy enough for everything from fabric to plastic piping.

Choose Your Tape Size and Color

Browse our collection to find double-sided foam tape in various sizes that suit your projects. For instance, you can find cross-linked poly double-coated foam tape in a 1/6 or 1/32 size and acrylic double-sized foam tape in a 10 mil or 20 mil size. If you need to do some color-matching, you can find our acrylic foam tape in black, grey or white. Or, go with the clear style.

Don’t forget we also offer custom tape, custom labelscustom envelopescustom filing folders as well as custom business forms.

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