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Custom Printed and Manufactured Envelopes - Supplies Shops

Custom Printed and Manufactured Envelopes - Supplies Shops


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Custom Envelopes

Supplies Shops offers stock envelopes in a wide range of sizes, colors and materials. All of those stock envelopes can be custom printed to fit the needs of you or your clients. Need an envelope that doesn’t fit the stock catalog, let us know, we can customize and part of the envelopes features including size and closures.

When it comes to starting a custom envelope project we’re here to assist with the experiences of  thousands of custom printed and manufactured envelopes under our belts.  Give us a ring, chat online, email or fill out one of our contact forms and we’ll work with you to find a solution to your envelope dilemmas.   Samples of materials and printing can be mailed out for your review to ensure the proposed solution will be the best available.

A custom envelope starts with some or all of the following specs described below.  If a stock envelope works and you simply need it printed or decorated indicate the stock number when requesting a quote.

Quantity of Envelopes

How many?  That’s the question that kicks off the quoting process.  While we’ll quote any quantity it’s good to remember that unless you are looking for over one thousand it’s far more budget friendly to utilize a stock envelope and customize from there.  Five thousand and up is the better starting point for smaller business size envelope, while twenty-five hundred is ideal starting point for larger catalog and booklet envelopes.  Don’t be fooled though, we can handle quantities into the millions if the need is there.

Envelope Materials

Why do we keep referring to materials and not simply paper when talking about envelope?  That’s because envelopes while primarily made of a paper stock can also be manufactured from more durable polypropylene (plastic), Tyvek, cardboard and other materials.  If you know what you want great, we’ll get to work, if not we can suggest what we’ve seen work in the past for similar custom envelope solutions.

Envelope Shapes and Sizes

Envelopes are a form of packaging so the question is really what do you want are you looking to insert into the envelope?   Working backward from there the sizing can be customize for a perfect fit.  Envelopes can be flat or have expansion capacity to fit bulkier contents or items.

Envelope Closures

The majority of our stock envelopes come with remoistenable gum seal, but for those that don’t like the taste of glue there are also peal and seal, flip and stick, metal clasp or tuck tab closures available.  Decide if the envelope is a one time use or multi use and that will dictate which closure will work best for your envelope project.

Window Envelopes

Single window and, double window and full window envelopes are all available customization if a stock solution doesn’t work.  Simply specify the size and location or locations for multiple windows and a die will be made to fit.  Windows can be filled with a standard cellophane, new laser safe material to be run through a toner based printer or left complete open depending on the project and how the envelopes will be addressed or labeled and content.

Security Inside Tinted Envelopes

When privacy is paramount an inside tint can be printed on to obscure the contents from prying eyes.  The tint can be customized just like the rest of the envelope from unique patterns to a whole range of colors.  Kraft, grey or color envelopes can be a great cost saving that eliminates the need for a tint when it fits the project presented.

Custom Envelope Printing

From a straight black test return address to full color marketing envelopes we can custom print both digital short runs and press print longer runs.  In this day in age the only limitation is your imagination.  Need a specific color to match a company logo and style we can match a Pantone color or send us a sample and we’ll match the ink during production.  Single color runs are often the most budget friendly, but digital printing can make even smaller runs pop with eye catching colors.

Artwork for Printed Envelopes

From a custom return envelope to a full color marketing piece our prepress team and work with you to set up any design or style required.  Have a design ready to go?  Great, we can accept a wide range of computer file types.  A proof will be supplied via email PDF to ensure the look you need is achieved before going to print.

If you know what you need drop us the label specifications and we’ll get started on your quote.  Need help finding the right solution, contact us and we’ll work with you to find the perfect label for your needs.

 Click Here to Complete the Custom Envelope Quote Request Form

Don’t forget we also offer custom labels, custom tapecustom filing folders as well as custom business forms.  

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