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Custom Business Forms - Supplies Shops

Custom Business Forms - Supplies Shops


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Custom Business Forms

Business forms are a key organizational tool used for shipping paperwork, data collection, invoicing and work orders.  Custom business forms range from something as simple as perforated paper that allows a section to be removed and mailed back such as an invoice, to an integrated label form where pre-printed or laser printed bar codes are removed to identify items and connect the contents to the additional data found on the custom forms in medical testing.  Custom forms can be provided blank or preprinted with text and graphics.

The first step in ordering custom business forms is to identify the best forms option that fits your organizational needs.  Once that’s complete specifications are built based on the variable described and we can  working up a price quote.  Whether you already know what you need or if further consultation is required simply give us a call, email, chat online or complete the project quote request form and we’ll get the ball rolling. Samples of custom business forms we suggest can be sent out to review and ensure the custom form will meet your needs.

The following are the specifications we’ll need to cover to get started on a quote for your business form project.

Quantity of Custom Forms

When requesting a price quote for custom business forms we often encourage a range of several quantities to find a cost effective solution that will also fit within the budget available.  Short runs forms  are becoming more common while longer runs often realize a per piece cost savings.

Business Form Materials

Paper business forms can be as simple as a single sheet of perforated paper to multi part NCR forms where information written on the top of the form transfers to the underlying sheets using specially coated paper. Labels integrated into forms like packing slips can are generally manufactured from a heavier weight paper to help with durability.  Newer development even allow for plastic cards to be integrated into the form and make printing out custom membership cards with an office laser printer.  Business form papers come in a variety of color options to fit the needs of the end users.

Form Sizes

What size does the form need to be that both allows for enough room to collect and present the information required?  When running the forms through a laser printer traditional letter or legal size works the best, especially if the forms are going to be scanned in afterwards.  Order receipts can be completed using half sheet sizes and save both paper and are gentler on the budget.  Large multipart forms are great where a large amount of data needs to be collected.  Known as mega forms they can extend across several letter size sheets such as an eleven by seventeen folded in half.

Business Form Features

Custom made business forms are available with the following features built in to assist in their use and functionality.  Here are some of the options:

Perforations – one of the most common requests we get is for custom perforations.  Perforation can run the full width horizontally or length vertically, L shape for a tear out portion or a partial in series like the tear off numbers you see hanging on fliers.   Micro perfs allow for a cleaner edge and larger perforations with less holes can make sure the paper doesn’t tear unnecessarily.

Multiple Parts – Available both with continuous feed forms, snap sets or edge glued muli part forms are available in two and up to 6 part forms.  The parts can all be the same color or produced using a color sequence like the traditional three part white, canary, pink we so often see.

Integrated Labels – labels of all shapes and sizes can be manufactured right into your forms.  This is great for packing slips where the shipping label is printed and applied to the box or where a return label is pre-printed for easy returns.


Integrated Cards – Used to create membership and identity cards or special offer coupons the integrated cards can be made from paper or plastic and be laser or inkjet printed on one or two sides.

Continuous Feed – Old school but still used widely today especially in manufacturing and delivery applications.  Pin feeds are added to each side of the form and perforated to tear off after printing.

Bar Codes and Numbering – Available in one or more locations this feature assists with identification making each form unique.  Bar codes allow computers to easily interact with documents that need to be scanned and help keep track of paperwork.

Business Form Printing

Once the construction and features are worked out custom printing options can be considered.  Today digital printing allows for cost effective short run production where offset press printing is ideal for longer runs.  Business forms can be printed on one or two sides using one, two or full color printing.  Pre-printed invoices with your company logo for better brand awareness or simply to give another color to the form where the imprint might be black ink only such as those run through a black and white laser printer.

Business Form Artwork for Custom Printing

Prepared graphic files can be submitted via email or for larger more involved projects FTP.  If you don’t have the graphics and need an existing form recreated you can send us a sample or scan in a form and we’ll have our prepress team recreate the form.  Need to start from scratch?  The design team will take care to help create the text, graphics and layout that will fit your needs.  Once ready a PDF proof will be emailed for your final approval before going to press.

We look forward to working with you on your next custom printed business form, simply contact the  Supplies Shops to get started.

Click Here to Submit a Custom Business Forms Quote Request

Don’t forget we also offer custom tape, custom labels, custom envelopes as well as custom filing folders.  


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