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Canine & Feline Medical Forms

Posted: 8/16/18 | Shop:  Business Forms | Category:  Filing Supplies, Forms, Product Review | By: 

In any business, an effective system for collecting client information is necessary. Specifically, the healthcare industry sets high standards for care due to the stakes that are involved. It is critical that businesses in this industry organize client medical history. Many times, future treatments are determined from past medical activity.

These standards extend to animal care as well. Pet owners want their animals to be treated with the same care they would receive themselves. Clients get easily frustrated when they don’t receive quick and confident answers from their veterinarian. Our canine and feline medical forms can help you keep all medical activity recorded in one place!

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How to Set Up A Medical Office: For New Medical Providers

Posted: 6/27/14 | Shop:  Business Forms, Envelopes, Medical Professionals | Category:  Forms, How-To's, Workplace | By: 

smiling doctor examining baby

So you’re taking the big leap. You’re leaving your current medical practice to start up your own. It’s likely both a scary and exciting time for you. Scary, in the sense that you’re heading out into unfamiliar waters with hopes that you can attain enough patients to make your new practice a successful one. But it’s also exciting because you can practice medicine your way.

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What Does the New CMS-1500 Form Change Mean to Me?

Posted: 12/18/13 | Shop:  Business Forms | Category:  Forms | By: 


Over the coming months, changes to National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) Form CMS-1500 will occur. This form provides medical offices a way of reporting specific information to Medicare, most specifically information about doctors’ diagnoses. It is important for both patients and medical offices to know about these changes and to take steps ensuring the right forms are used when submitting this type of data to the agency. It is very important for both parties to understand what this change will mean to them in the coming year. Read More >

NUCC’s Form CMS-1500 Policy Change Timeline

Posted: 10/16/13 | Shop:  Business Forms | Category:  Forms | By: 


If you’re a medical professional involved in Medicare claims processing, you’re probably aware of the challenge of converting your Medicare billing procedures to comply with the new Medicare claims requirements. In support of this, the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) has authorized a new Form CMS-1500 (version 02/12). Read More >

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