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How to Set Up A Medical Office: For New Medical Providers

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How to Set Up A Medical Office: For New Medical Providers

How to Set Up A Medical Office: For New Medical Providers
Posted: 6/27/14 | Shop:  Business Forms, Envelopes, Medical Professionals | Category:  Forms, How-To's, Workplace | By: 

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So you’re taking the big leap. You’re leaving your current medical practice to start up your own. It’s likely both a scary and exciting time for you. Scary, in the sense that you’re heading out into unfamiliar waters with hopes that you can attain enough patients to make your new practice a successful one. But it’s also exciting because you can practice medicine your way.

While networking with care centers, hospitals, and other types of doctors to try to generate references to gain patients is a big priority at the outset, there’s another big task you have on your hands – setting up your new medical office. You’ll need equipment, medical office supplies, a means of medical billing, and more.

Here’s a further look at some of the items you’ll need to set up your office:

Medical Billing System

A billing system is arguably one of the most important aspects to a successful medical practice. An effective and efficient billing system is a means of making sure you’re getting paid and that regular cash flow is coming into your office. You have two options: you can find a system that can accomplish billing, filing claims, and auditing, and bring these operations in-house; or you can outsource your medical billing operations so that you don’t have to worry about it. This is the first big decision you’ll have when starting your new practice.

Medical Office Supplies

We’re not just talking patient gowns, cotton swabs, band-aids, gauze, and other supplies that are commonly used in the doctor’s office, but medical office supplies for administrative purposes. Medical security paper is a big must-have, for example, as you need to respect and protect patient privacy. Other important supplies include copy paper to populate patient files, confidential sign-in logs, checks and security paper for billing and receiving, and stock paper for other administrative tasks.

Medical Equipment

There’s also the task of acquiring medical equipment. You have to consider everything from small, simple things for checkups like stethoscopes and other instruments, to more advanced things like X-ray machines, heart monitors, EKG kits, and more. As a new practice, you have to decide what services you’re going to perform beyond the basic checkups, physicals, and wellness visits in-house, and what you’re going to outsource to your affiliated hospital and labs. Of course, this equipment must also take into account any maintenance supplies, the sterilization and disinfectant chemicals you’ll surely need, as well as needles and instruments for minor surgical procedures.

Other Essentials

There’s a lot more to opening a new medical practice than just what we’ve mentioned above. For instance, are you going to have a lab on-site where patients can have blood drawn? Where are you going to get your pharmaceutical supplies and medications from? What specialists are you going to refer patients to for areas that are beyond your particular expertise? These are all other questions that need to be answered before you open the doors to your practice.

Starting your own medical practice is likely both exciting and scary for you. That’s why it’s important to properly plan ahead for growth, and make sure that all the essentials are covered before you start taking patients. This will allow you to spend less time worrying about the little things, and more time doing what you started your own practice for in the first place – taking care of your patients. So spend some time accounting for the little things and taking care of the details that will make your practice run efficiently before you open your doors.

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