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How to Track Your Online Order – The Supplies Shops

Posted: 3/17/23 | Shop:  Business Forms, Envelopes, Facility, Filing, Labels, Medical Professionals, Tape | Category:  How-To's, Workplace | By: 

A Guide to Tracking Your Online Order

Your shopping experience doesn’t end when your order is placed. According to Project 44, 66% of shoppers say the delivery experience is a big factor when choosing where to shop, and 40% say the most memorable part of a brand experience comes post-purchase.

Order tracking is one way to improve the fulfillment process and help build customer relationships. In fact, it’s practically mandatory in the modern e-commerce world. Here’s why order tracking matters and how customers can stay in the loop when it comes to their packages.

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HIPAA Rules About Patient Folders — Medical Filing Labels

Posted: 2/20/22 | Shop:  Medical Professionals | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


According to HIPAA, What Can Be Placed on the Outside of Medical File Folders?

When you’re working in a medical office, patient confidentiality is critical. In addition to keeping your clients protected, this practice is required in order to keep up with medical regulations. And when you are upfront about the types of practices you’ve put in place to maintain privacy, it also gives patients more confidence in you as a healthcare provider.
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How to Set Up A Medical Office: For New Medical Providers

Posted: 2/18/22 | Shop:  Business Forms, Envelopes, Medical Professionals | Category:  Forms, How-To's, Workplace | By: 

smiling doctor examining baby

You’re finally taking the big leap. You’re leaving your current medical practice to start up your own. It’s likely both a scary and exciting time for you. Despite what a thrill it is to be creating something all your own, it’s still overwhelming in the sense that you’re heading out into unfamiliar waters with hopes that you can attain enough patients to make your new practice a successful one. But if you do it right, you’ll be able to practice medicine your way.

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Medical Office Must-Haves: Three Key Things You May Have Overlooked

Posted: 1/24/14 | Shop:  Medical Professionals | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


Whether you manage an established medical practice or are in the process of opening a new location, it’s important to create a professional office environment. Focus on the three aspects that customers notice most.

Before a patient even enters your doors, they expect a medical office to be three things: organized, private, and clean. These three qualities go a long way in creating a trusting patient-physician relationship. Read More >

Medical Chart Supplies and Accessories Glossary

Posted: 11/26/13 | Shop:  Medical Professionals | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


End Tab

End tab refers to organizational products, like single ply manila folders that have a tab for labeling on the end or side of the product. End tab products are designed for use in shelf filing applications.

Top Tab

Top tab products are similar to end tab products, but the location of the label is on the top of the folder rather than the side or end. Top Tab products are designed for use in drawer filing applications. Read More >

A Brief History of the X-ray

Posted: 11/8/13 | Shop:  Medical Professionals | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 


When it comes to determining the extent of a bone injury or even looking inside a box at an airport, the value of the X-ray is immediately apparent. The machines are so prevalent throughout hospitals, doctor offices, airports, and many other locations that most people have come to take this technology for granted. Understanding the history behind this priceless invention can help improve the appreciation people have of the incredible ability to take pictures of bones. Read More >

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