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How to Track Your Online Order – The Supplies Shops

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How to Track Your Online Order – The Supplies Shops

How to Track Your Online Order – The Supplies Shops
Posted: 3/17/23 | Shop:  Business Forms, Envelopes, Facility, Filing, Labels, Medical Professionals, Tape | Category:  How-To's, Workplace | By: 

A Guide to Tracking Your Online Order

Your shopping experience doesn’t end when your order is placed. According to Project 44, 66% of shoppers say the delivery experience is a big factor when choosing where to shop, and 40% say the most memorable part of a brand experience comes post-purchase.

Order tracking is one way to improve the fulfillment process and help build customer relationships. In fact, it’s practically mandatory in the modern e-commerce world. Here’s why order tracking matters and how customers can stay in the loop when it comes to their packages.

How Order Tracking Works

In e-commerce, an order tracking system allows both customers and sellers to monitor orders and stay up to date on their status. They can see when an order has shipped and where from, the stops it makes along the way and even get confirmation that it has been delivered. Instead of being in the dark about an order’s status, purchasers know exactly where it is and when it’s expected to arrive.

Benefits of Order Tracking

An order tracking system has many advantages for everyone involved in a transaction. Some of the pros of order tracking include:

  • Increased customer trust and retention that leads to future sales.
  • Fewer calls to customer support asking, “Where’s my order?”
  • A detailed record of the package’s movement.
  • Streamlining the order fulfillment process.
  • The ability to quickly identify and correct problems such as delays or lost packages.

Ways to Track Online Orders

The most common method of order tracking for consumers is to use a tracking number. Shipping couriers such as USPS, FedEx and UPS provide a tracking number when a package is initially processed. When the seller gives this number to the recipient, they can see updates about the package’s status. Every time the package is scanned by the courier, a new update is posted. If a seller does not provide the shipping company name, consumers can enter the number into a variety of online tools or mobile apps to find this information.

Modern businesses typically implement some type of order tracking software to help manage and automate the process. Built-in order tracking offers basic information and is connected to major couriers, so it automatically updates the information.

There is also integrated order tracking that can link directly to an e-commerce store. This offers advanced features such as real-time inventory management, status checks and order history. Customers also can go directly to the retailer’s website or app for order updates without dealing with a courier.

Tracking Your Order from The Supplies Shops

For each order, we provide convenient order tracking on your Customer Account page. When your order ships, the Order Status is automatically updated with a tracking number and link. Simply log in to get the latest information. Our system also lets you see the tracking history for previous orders.

If there seems to be something amiss with your order based on the tracking updates or lack thereof, call us toll-free at 855-632-8520 or email [email protected] for personalized customer service. We’ll look into it and figure out a solution to ensure you receive the supplies you need for your business fast.

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