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To order by phone or for product assistance Call Toll Free: 855-632-8520

Canine & Feline Medical Forms

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Canine & Feline Medical Forms

Canine & Feline Medical Forms
Posted: 8/16/18 | Shop:  Business Forms | Category:  Filing Supplies, Forms, Product Review | By: 

In any business, an effective system for collecting client information is necessary. Specifically, the healthcare industry sets high standards for care due to the stakes that are involved. It is critical that businesses in this industry organize client medical history. Many times, future treatments are determined from past medical activity.

These standards extend to animal care as well. Pet owners want their animals to be treated with the same care they would receive themselves. Clients get easily frustrated when they don’t receive quick and confident answers from their veterinarian. Our canine and feline medical forms can help you keep all medical activity recorded in one place!

veterinarian holding cat and dog

These medical forms record the animals contact information, all necessary vaccines and services, problems, medications, allergies, and any treatments given. Having all of this critical information in one place makes it easy for the veterinarian to recall and determine the next steps.

The form is 2 sided to provide more space for all treatments. The canine form (blue) and the feline form (green) are colored differently so that the patients species can be quickly identified. The 100lb. stock the forms are printed on provides a sturdiness that will last through use and handling. Also, the forms are letter size making them compatible with most filing systems.

Why use paper filing when I already have an E-Filing system?

With the increase in electronic filing, you may be asking yourself why paper forms are still relevant. E-filing is a quicker method of filing, but comes with its own risks. One major issue is the security of your files. Systems can be hacked and confidential files can be leaked. Paper filing provides a back up if any technical complications were to occur. If the system is down, you still have access to all the information you had on the computer. This puts you ahead of competition that relies solely on electronic filing. Many appreciate the tangibility of paper, which has become so rare.

Paper forms are not a thing of the past and can even enhance your modern filing system to create a more efficient operation.


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