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Benefits of Custom-Printed Tape – The Supplies Shops

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Benefits of Custom-Printed Tape – The Supplies Shops

Benefits of Custom-Printed Tape – The Supplies Shops
Posted: 3/17/23 | Shop:  Tape | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

Benefits of Using Custom-Printed Tape

Are you looking for a way to elevate your business’s branding without changing your day-to-day routines and practices? Custom-printed tape can help you do just that. By having packaging tape printed with your logo or personalized message on its backing, you can effectively enhance your marketing strategy.

Future Market Insights estimates the custom packing tape market valuation will rise to $55 billion by 2032. Clearly, more and more businesses are discovering the advantages of custom-printed tape. Here are seven ways you can benefit from using custom-printed tape.

  1. Brand Awareness

Instead of being in a plain box, your brand will be front and center from the time your package leaves the warehouse until it gets to the recipient. This gives you even more exposure throughout a transaction. It also allows you to be creative with the design and set yourself apart in an increasingly crowded shipping market.

  1. Professionalism

According to Forbes, people form their first impression of you and your business after just seven seconds. Custom packing tape can help make that impression a good one. Instead of being just another company, you’re someone who goes the extra mile and cares about the details, creating a great unboxing experience for the recipient.

  1. Reduced Costs

Getting a shipping box custom-printed can be cost-prohibitive — especially if the minimum order requirement is far higher than what you need. Branded tape costs much less while offering similar visibility. It’s also easier to find other uses for unused custom tape than for unused boxes.

  1. Package Security

Regardless of the shipping service you choose, you never know exactly who’s going to handle your package. By applying custom packing tapes instead of regular plain tape, it will be readily apparent if anyone has tampered with it. This acts as a deterrent and also means any issues can be noticed and resolved faster.

  1. Identification

If goods arrive in a plain brown box, the recipient could be hesitant to open it, or simply not prioritize opening it. Printed tape makes the package instantly recognizable. When shipping to retailers, they can identify your products and get them onto shelves faster.

  1. Instructions

Printed box tape isn’t just for branding. You also can use it to provide information and instructions. Tape that says “fragile,” “cold storage,” “keep upright,” etc., improves the chances of packages being handled and stored correctly.

  1. Tracking and Traceability

Unique custom shipping tape can also help people keep track of a package throughout the shipping process. Not only does it show where the package came from, but you also can add a batch number. It’s a must for the food, medical and electronic industries, or for anyone else sending sensitive materials.

As you can see, there are many reasons to switch to branded packaging tape. In a cargo shipping market that could reach 13.19 billion tons by 2028 per Fortune Business Insights, you need every edge you can get.

Ask The Supplies Shops about custom-printed packing tape in several sizes with a clear or white backing — orders over $99 ship free. We also offer custom labels, custom envelopes, custom filing folders and custom business forms, so we can help with all your customization needs.

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