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How to Set Up A Medical Office: For New Medical Providers

Posted: 2/18/22 | Shop:  Business Forms, Envelopes, Medical Professionals | Category:  Forms, How-To's, Workplace | By: 

smiling doctor examining baby

You’re finally taking the big leap. You’re leaving your current medical practice to start up your own. It’s likely both a scary and exciting time for you. Despite what a thrill it is to be creating something all your own, it’s still overwhelming in the sense that you’re heading out into unfamiliar waters with hopes that you can attain enough patients to make your new practice a successful one. But if you do it right, you’ll be able to practice medicine your way.

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Secure Your Patients with HIPAA Patient Sign-In Forms Available in Three Colors

Posted: 2/17/22 | Category:  Supplies Shops Product Highlights | By: 

Confidential HIPAA Compliant Patient Sign-In Sheet FormsPatient privacy is a critical component of the doctor-patient relationship in any medical facility. It’s absolutely imperative that patients feel confident that their doctor’s office will do its best to safeguard that privacy. Making an effort to convey what steps you’ve taken to do that goes a long way in building and maintaining the trust of the patient.
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Church Offering Envelopes that Offer a lot!

Posted: 2/16/22 | Category:  Envelopes, Product Review | By: 

It’s common for churches to collect offerings from generous donors who wish to lend their support. If your church is looking for the best way to go about this, it’s important to think about what methods will be helpful for both the donors and for those in charge of tracking the donations.

At The Supplies Shops, we recommend using church offering envelopes to collect these donations. These envelopes include features that are designed specifically with church and nonprofit donations in mind.

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Legal File Dividers – Legal-Size Dividers

Posted: 2/16/22 | Category:  Filing Supplies, How-To's, Product Review | By: 

Custom Legal Divider Tabs

Staying organized around the office is so much easier when you have these legal file dividers from The Supplies Shops. Our long file dividers provide the perfect place to store any legal-size papers or other oddly-shaped documents and forms that won’t fit in a standard filing cabinet made for 8” x 11” formats. This ensures that each and every paper lying around can be neatly organized, especially since our legal-size file dividers also feature convenient tabs across the top.

Can’t find the right style of legal-size file folders with dividers to suit your needs? Thanks to our Custom File Divider Wizard, it’s easy to create the perfect filing system for your unique needs. Learn more about how to use our legal dividers efficiently and discover the many customization options we offer for an incredibly affordable price.

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5 Office Supplies You Can’t Live Without

Posted: 2/15/22 | Category:  Filing Supplies, Workplace | By: 

assorted stationery items laid out on a desk

5 Essential Office Supplies

Paper and pens are staples in every office. No one can function without these items at their fingertips. However, while a legal pad and cheap ballpoint pen get the job done, you need more advanced office supplies to really be productive. With the right office essentials on hand, it’s much easier to perform at your full potential.

Some supplies are desk essentials, others are needed just to add some color and personality into your day. The following office supplies are must-haves for every office, including fancy executive suites and humble home offices. Make sure your office manager knows what your office needs when they put in the next order, or add these home office essentials to your own shopping list.

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New ORM-D Labels: Changes for Small Arms Manufacturers

Posted: 2/9/22 | Shop:  Labels | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


There are some big changes on the horizon for small arms manufacturers. Beginning January 1, 2021, the Small Arms Cartridges ORM-D labels are no longer being accepted under Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Limited quantity hazardous materials must instead be packaged using a new striped-diamond label with a larger size and a distinctive design.

That can be a big change for your business. If you’re concerned about how these changes will go into effect and what to expect, check out this helpful guide to learn more.
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Perforated Copy Paper Reams

Posted: 9/23/21 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

With perforated paper supplies from The Supplies Shops, you won’t have to endure the time-consuming task of manually perforating or cutting each sheet for your direct mailings, invoices, tax forms, receipts, and other business uses.

While other suppliers have stopped carrying perforated paper for office needs, The Supplies Shops offers a full line of perforated business forms. You can speed up business operations with already-perforated business paper on hand to meet your shipping, billing, sales, or bulletin needs.
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Integrated Label Forms & Shipping Solutions

Posted: 9/23/21 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

Integrated Label Form Sheets

The Supplies Shops can help you save time and money with business shipping solutions from The Supplies Shops that range from integrated laser label forms to shipping envelopes and pre-printed shipping labels.

Shop a variety of sizes of integrated laser label forms in 250 sheet- to 1,000 sheet-count cartons. Sizes include 4-in. by 2.5-in. label forms and sheets in either left-edge or right-edge label configurations, in addition to forms with labels sized 3.5-in. by 2-in sizes, 4-in. by 6-in. sizes, 7-in. by 4.25-in. sizes, and more. Integrated laser label form sheets are commonly used for chain of custody forms and labels, as well as combined pick-pack tickets / packing lists and shipping labels.
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Ways to Save Money on Printing

Posted: 8/3/21 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

Ways to Save Money on Printing

Printing is a scalable project. You may have one letter and envelope to print, or a mass mailing. You may have a pamphlet or a whole booklet to print. There are ways to handle each, and to help you save money on bulk printing projects.

Mass Letter Mailing

Get everything in place when getting a mailing together. If you plan to do the printing in house make sure you have enough paper, envelopes and other supplies. Set up the postage or bulk mail arrangements so things will go smoothly.
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The Importance of Labeling Packages

Posted: 8/3/21 | Category:  Uncategorized | By: 

Package Labeling Tips

Every business can benefit from keeping labels on hand. One of the most common uses is for shipping labels. Package labels go well beyond address and postage — although those two are important — but sometimes it is necessary or helpful to label for extra care or package contents.
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