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Dot Matrix Printers & Dot Matrix Printer Paper

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Dot Matrix Printers & Dot Matrix Printer Paper

Dot Matrix Printers & Dot Matrix Printer Paper
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Find Dot Matrix Printer Paper for High-Volume Printing

A dot matrix printer, also known as an impact matrix printer, uses hammers hitting an ink ribbon in order to print. The hammers press into the ribbon, causing ink to be deposited onto the paper. The more hammers a dot matrix printer has, the higher the resolution. Nine-pin heads produce draft-quality printing, while 24-pin heads produce typewriter-quality print. Speeds for dot matrix printers are typically 90 to 100 lines per minute.

Dot matrix printers were popular in the 1980s. Compared to inkjet printers, which work by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto the page, and laser printers, which work with laser beams, dot matrix printers are relatively slow in operation and cannot create as high a quality of print. They are also noisier to operate and can jam fairly easily. However, because they use the impact of the pins to print, they can be used to print multiple copies of the same text when carbon paper is used, and they handle thick paper better than laser and inkjet printers do. Therefore, they’re typically used in printing multipart forms, and some businesses still use them today.

Dot matrix printers are also relatively inexpensive to purchase, easily available on the market, and low-cost to operate. They tolerate dirt better than other printers and can easily operate in warehouse settings. What’s more, they use a continuous stream of paper fan-folded into a carton, so the paper does not need to be changed as frequently as with other printers.

Some current uses for dot matrix printing include:

  • Cash registers
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Automatic teller machines
  • Packaging slips
  • Point of sale forms
  • Work orders

Paper for Dot Matrix Printers

If you’re working with a dot matrix printer, you know you need special paper. You can’t just feed in copy paper; continuous paper for dot matrix printers is required. You need high-quality dot matrix paper that feeds seamlessly in order to make the most out of your high-volume, high-speed printing project and eliminate the need for reprinting. Whether you’re printing multipart forms for your business or single forms for another use, shop The Supplies Shops for hassle-free dot matrix printer paper ordering.

All our continuous paper for dot matrix printers is designed for printers that use a pin feeding system to move the paper through the printer. This tractor feed system works with pin feed holes on each side of the paper helping to move the paper through, and the edges and individual pages of the paper are perforated for your convenience. That way, you can separate the pages or keep them together if you want one continuous page, as with the printing of banners.

Our multipart carbonless paper is a popular choice for dot matrix printers. This continuous two-, three- and four-part paper is great for creating work orders, invoices, medical forms, and other important papers that require multiple copies. This durable paper comes in many sizes, from 8-1/2 by 5-1/2 inches to 9-½ by 11 inches to larger 14-7/8 by 11-inch sizes. Use our color selections to easily keep track of multiple copies. For example, you may choose a two-part form with a white copy for your records and a yellow copy for the customer to keep. Check out our white, canary, pink and gold four-ply carbonless paper, available in reams of 900, if you need more copies to go to multiple parties, or opt for something simple, like our two-ply blank carbonless paper, available in reams of 1,400.

Our single-part continuous paper can create banners of any size, or can be used for record-keeping and other business documents. Choose from a variety of sizes, from 9-½ by 11 inches to larger 12 by 8-1/2-inch and 14-7/8 by 11-inch sizes. You can also choose different colors: blank pages or green-bar and blue-bar options. These continuous-feed papers come in reams of 2,400 or more, with discounts on multiple reams to save you money.

Business Forms

If you print your own business forms, then dot matrix printer paper is what you need, but don’t forget that we also offer a variety of pre-printed business forms to fit your needs, including healthcare forms, pressure seal forms, and tax forms. Whether you need specialized forms for government or engineering purposes, or simple POS paper, The Supplies Shops has what you need. And if you don’t see exactly what you need, remember you can always contact us about our custom business forms.

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