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Happy Administrative Professionals Day – 4 Ways to Say Thank You

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day – 4 Ways to Say Thank You

Happy Administrative Professionals Day – 4 Ways to Say Thank You
Posted: 3/23/22 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Workplace | By: 


As many know, the person with the most power in the office is the one who is often overlooked. That person is the one who is behind the office voicemail or behind the desk at the entrance, but he or she is also behind all the scheduling, logistics, and inside information for the entire office. On April 27th, we bring that individual into the spotlight and celebrate their hard work that often goes unnoticed.

More than 70% of workers who quit their jobs do so because they don’t feel appreciated or valued by their employer. Don’t let YOUR team doubt that they have your respect. It’s important to give both formal and informal expressions of appreciation to your administrative professional and support staff. The following ideas are great for Administrative Professionals Day, but you may also want to consider how you can incorporate additional ways to say thank you to these important staff members throughout the year.

Formal Appreciation

Much of what administrative professionals do is not in their job description. Public acknowledgment of his or her achievements is a considerate way to express your gratitude. It may even inspire other coworkers to show their thanks throughout the day, making it an even more special occasion for the staff members who are being highlighted.

Take ten minutes to write and send an office-wide Administrative Professionals Day thank you email recognizing your assistant for all that they do to keep the business running smoothly. Include specific examples, and call out the unique ways in which they help fellow employees and make the office a great place to work.

Additionally, you could nominate your assistant for a professional award. This is an excellent way to show appreciation for hardworking administrative professionals, especially those who have been with your business or organization for many years.

Informal Appreciation

Think beyond Administrative Professionals Week. To truly show your appreciation, don’t neglect your support staff during everyday opportunities.

For example, don’t overlook that it’s the staff behind the front desk that sometimes get left out of events that are essential to your company culture. Even when they’re busy in support roles, make sure they are able to attend special events like everyone else. For example, allow them a chance to pick up some cake during birthday celebrations or invite them to office-wide luncheons out. Ask someone else to share the responsibility for minding the office until they return.

When visitors come to the office, formally introduce your assistant by name. Ask them about their day occasionally, especially in front of other senior staff members. Ignoring your administrative assistant as an individual is a subtle way of saying that you don’t value them or their status in the workplace.

Encourage participation in professional organizations and provide opportunities for them to learn new skills for their role. Reimburse them for membership fees or send them to the annual conference. By emphasizing the importance of his or her position, they will return the costs to you in terms of valuable contacts, increased workplace efficiency, and in professional growth.

Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day

Gifts of appreciation are the easiest way to show your assistant that you recognize their hard work. Personalize your gift to create something that matters to the individual and makes them feel recognized in a thoughtful way.

Here are some of our favorite, can’t-miss gift ideas for Administrative Professionals Day:

  • Gift certificate for a spa day or movie night
  • Allow them an extra day off, if it’s within your discretion
  • Gourmet food basket with bottle of wine
  • Gift certificate to an upscale local restaurant plus an extended lunch break one day

Share the Rewards

Bring in breakfast for the office in honor of your administrative assistants. A spread of bagels, cream cheese, orange juice, and coffee will brighten the overall mood of the office, which employees will attribute to your support staff and the gratitude they deserve for their work.

Bring on-site services to the workplace. For example, you can offer your employees a day of free dry-cleaning service at work or free car washes in the parking lot. They’ll appreciate the convenience of completing errands at the office, freeing up their weekends for a bit more relaxation.

Take this opportunity to celebrate the people who make a huge difference to your organization with one of these ideas for saying thank you for Administrative Professionals Day. Even a small token of appreciation could make the difference in their outlook on work and how long they decide to stay with your company. And, who knows, maybe they’ll return the favor for National Boss’s Day on October 16th!

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