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Ways to Repurpose Office Supplies – The Supplies Shops

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Ways to Repurpose Office Supplies – The Supplies Shops

Ways to Repurpose Office Supplies – The Supplies Shops
Posted: 3/17/23 | Category:  How-To's, Supplies Shops Product Highlights, Workplace | By: 

Buying office supplies in bulk can be a great way to save money. However, in some cases, that can mean thousands of rubber bands or paper clips just sitting around unused.

The good news is that many office supplies can be repurposed instead of taking up closet space or being thrown out. If you overestimated an office supply order or suddenly no longer need certain items, these ideas for extra office supplies will reduce waste and add some utilitarian style to your workspace or home.

How to Reuse Office Supplies

We’ve come up with 25 easy ways to repurpose your office supplies. Check them out and see if you can find some inspiration for any extra items you have.

Repurposing Rubber Bands

  • Wrap them around jar lids to make them easier to open.
  • Wrap a large rubber band around the edge of your smartphone as a grip.
  • Keep sleeveless clothing from slipping off hangers.
  • Secure cutting boards and other objects in place.

Other Uses for Paper Clips

  • Unbend them to reach reset buttons on phones, media players and other electronics.
  • Unclog spray nozzles on office cleaning supplies.
  • Use them to hang lightweight plants and ornaments around offices and homes.
  • Replace broken zipper pulls.
  • Create a minimalist smartphone stand.

Upcycling Binder Clips

  • Use them as “chip clips” to hold snack bags shut to keep the contents fresh.
  • Turn them into photo holders for displaying on tables and counters.
  • Secure trash bags to the edge of the can so they don’t slip when you throw things away.
  • Organize cables, earbud headphones and other electronics.
  • Hang paint tubes, pencil holders and other items on peg boards.

Alternative Uses for Bubble Wrap and Padded Envelopes

  • Turn a bubble mailer into an electronics case that protects laptops and tablets.
  • Line shopping bags and coolers to provide insulation that keeps cold foods cold and hot foods hot.
  • Place bubble wrap over outdoor plants on cold nights to prevent frost damage.
  • Store fragile and delicate items, such as Christmas decorations, jewelry and glassware, when they’re not being used.
  • Pop sheets of bubble wrap as a stress reliever either at the office or when you get home.

Other Office Supply Uses

  • Turn paper clips, pencil erasers and other items into crafty jewelry and décor items.
  • Create recipe booklets, bill organizers and more out of unused binders.
  • Attach pencils eraser-side-up to a wood cutting board to form a dish drying rack.
  • Use a filer organizer to sort grocery bags, baking trays, bathroom linens or makeup palettes.
  • Donate unused office supplies to schools, charitable organizations, secondhand stores, art programs or any other place that can use them.
  • Set up a “swap station” at the office where people can drop off their extra supplies and grab anything they might need.

Looking for other office supply upcycling ideas? Contact The Supplies Shops today. We’ll help ensure that you purchase the right supplies and accessories and get full use of them. We can also help you order the right amounts for your needs so you have fewer leftover items.

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