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Dot Matrix Printers & Dot Matrix Printer Paper

Posted: 4/27/22 | Category:  Forms, Workplace | By: 

Find Dot Matrix Printer Paper for High-Volume Printing

A dot matrix printer, also known as an impact matrix printer, uses hammers hitting an ink ribbon in order to print. The hammers press into the ribbon, causing ink to be deposited onto the paper. The more hammers a dot matrix printer has, the higher the resolution. Nine-pin heads produce draft-quality printing, while 24-pin heads produce typewriter-quality print. Speeds for dot matrix printers are typically 90 to 100 lines per minute.

Dot matrix printers were popular in the 1980s. Compared to inkjet printers, which work by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto the page, and laser printers, which work with laser beams, dot matrix printers are relatively slow in operation and cannot create as high a quality of print. They are also noisier to operate and can jam fairly easily. However, because they use the impact of the pins to print, they can be used to print multiple copies of the same text when carbon paper is used, and they handle thick paper better than laser and inkjet printers do. Therefore, they’re typically used in printing multipart forms, and some businesses still use them today.
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Envelope Buyer’s Guide

Posted: 4/21/22 | Category:  Envelopes | By: 

Choose the Right Envelope for Your Personal or Business Mailing

If you need envelopes, The Supplies Shops is your online superstore. Whether you’re shopping for your business or personal mailing needs, we have you covered.

Our selection includes everything from standard business envelopes (with and without windows) in a variety of colors to invitation envelopes for personal and business events, and even specialty envelopes for marketing, donations and more.

Check out this handy guide to the types of envelopes we offer.
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Happy Administrative Professionals Day – 4 Ways to Say Thank You

Posted: 3/23/22 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Workplace | By: 


As many know, the person with the most power in the office is the one who is often overlooked. That person is the one who is behind the office voicemail or behind the desk at the entrance, but he or she is also behind all the scheduling, logistics, and inside information for the entire office. On April 27th, we bring that individual into the spotlight and celebrate their hard work that often goes unnoticed. Read More >

Business Card Stickers: What can’t they be used for?

The traditional business card certainly has its own special place in the working world. But what about business card stickers? These unique labels can be utilized for a wide range of business applications, making them a versatile tool in any office’s supply cabinet. Get unique ideas for how to use business card-size labels and stickers for all sorts of clever purposes.


Business Card Stickers: What can’t they be used for?

Blank labels are versatile in that they can stick to most surfaces and be customized any way you wish, whether by writing on them directly or running them through your office printer. Business card stickers are 3.5” x 2”, making them the same size as a traditional business card. And since they arrive blank, they are extremely versatile for being used around the office.

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Digi-Clear Laser Safe Window Envelopes

Posted: 3/9/22 | Shop:  Envelopes | Category:  Envelopes, Frequently Asked Questions, How-To's, Product Review | By: 



Need to run a window envelope through your laser printer without melting the plastic film?  SuppliesShops.com has the perfect solution with our line of Digi-Clear laser safe window envelopes. Available in a variety of sizes and window configurations, these envelopes make it easy to prepare mailings quickly and efficiently. Learn more about why Digi-Clear window envelopes are a great option for streamlining your printing projects.

Shop for Digi-Clear Laser Safe Window Envelopes


Benefits of Using Laser Safe Envelopes

The primary concern with window envelopes used in a laser printer is the effect heat has on the window. The film material used in traditional window envelopes can shrink, wrinkle or even melt when run through a laser printer, which renders the entire envelope useless, and can potentially cause jams and other problems with your printer.

Our solution to this is the Digi-Clear line of envelopes. Digi-Clear envelopes use a special window film replacing the traditional film to give you a heat resistant and especially clear window that won’t degrade during the laser printing process. These windows won’t crinkle or distort due to the heat used in toner-based printers, making them perfect for in-house printing jobs.

By using Digi-Clear envelopes with laser safe windows, you can complete mailings much more quickly. Printing directly on the envelopes is simple and easy, allowing you to add return addresses, business logos, and other designs seamlessly.


Printer Compatibility

The Digi-Clear window envelope product has been extensively tested to work with Xante, PSI, Oce, Oki Data and many more laser and toner-based printers and copiers. Digi-Clear envelopes give you the ability to produce runs of laser printed envelopes both in black and white and in full color depending on the unique needs for each printing job.

Short-run laser printer window envelopes make it easy to create customized marketing campaigns where special offers specific to a segment of your customers can be printed directly on the outside the mailing piece. This can be done with any compatible printer and any Digi-Clear envelope dimension.


Digi-Clear Envelope Sizes

When first introduced, we offered the traditional #10 window business envelope. As demand has grown, so has our offering for additional sizes. We now offer a number 6 ¾ commercial, #9 return envelope, #10, #10 with a security tint, a 6 x 9 and 6 x 9 ½ booklet style, 9×12 booklet or open side envelope, and a 9×12 open end or catalog envelope.

With so many sizes available, the list of applications for these envelopes is longer than ever. You can find window envelopes for checks, invoices, client communications, announcements, invitations, and much more. Shop at The Supplies Shops to find the best selection of Digi-Clear laser safe envelopes for your business needs.

Laboratory Mount Sheets for Organizing Medical Records

Posted: 3/4/22 | Category:  Supplies Shops Product Highlights | By: 

Need to create a more organized medical lab? Consider using laboratory mount sheets from The Supplies Shops. These simple forms are incredibly useful in a lab setting. Learn more about what makes lab mount sheets such a great option for keeping patient charts organized in this helpful guide.
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Essential List of Legal Office Supplies

Posted: 2/22/22 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


In order to keep your law office running smoothly, you need the right supplies. Fortunately, The Supplies Shops has you covered with all the essentials for an efficient and professional legal business. To make sure you can get the job done when it comes to all of your legal work, stock up on the following legal supplies ASAP.
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Custom Poly Dividers – Made for you!

Posted: 2/21/22 | Category:  Filing Supplies, How-To's, Supplies Shops Product Highlights | By: 

Do you have trouble keeping your files organized? You might think that the folders themselves should do the trick, but in reality, you still spend an excessive amount of time sorting through different folders to find what you actually need.

Fortunately, The Supplies Shop offers an easy solution. These plastic file dividers can be customized to meet your filing needs and assist in your organizational goals. If you want faster filing and document retrieval, our custom dividers are just what you need. Learn more about our how these filing accessories can help out in your office.

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HIPAA Rules About Patient Folders — Medical Filing Labels

Posted: 2/20/22 | Shop:  Medical Professionals | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


According to HIPAA, What Can Be Placed on the Outside of Medical File Folders?

When you’re working in a medical office, patient confidentiality is critical. In addition to keeping your clients protected, this practice is required in order to keep up with medical regulations. And when you are upfront about the types of practices you’ve put in place to maintain privacy, it also gives patients more confidence in you as a healthcare provider.
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