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Why Your Business Needs Custom Chart Dividers

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Why Your Business Needs Custom Chart Dividers

Why Your Business Needs Custom Chart Dividers
Posted: 8/19/13 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 

Here at The Filing Supplies Shop, we have a great tool that we love to use but we feel it’s underutilized in the professional world. It’s called the custom divider wizard. Creating your own custom dividers sounds daunting, but we are going to dispel all of your worries and show you the benefits of one of our coolest and most beneficial tools.

Custom Divider Wizard | The Filing Supplies Shop

It used to be that only customers who had an account could use the custom dividers wizard, but we thought that old policy didn’t make sense and wanted to open it up to everyone. Now anyone can create and preview custom dividers in less than five minutes!

First, let’s take a quick look at why you may need custom tabbed sets for your folders. You may be thinking, The Filing Supplies Shop already offers stock fileback sets and stock chart dividers sets for both medical offices and mortgage files. These are the most commonly created and used tab sets around, but dividers are often needed in other areas, such as legal offices, accounting practices, and anywhere else large amounts of data may need to be organized. Additionally, almost every medical office has their own filing system with their own unique requirements. It can be time consuming to create handwritten divider sets, color code each tab, or buy individual tabs and hand collate sets for each folder.

Enter the custom divider wizard! You can build your divider set from scratch, making multiple custom decisions along the way. How does it work? Simple, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose your divider type.

Select the divider style and color you’d like. Options include 90# manila and white stock standard dividers, or select file back dividers made from 110# manila stock.

Step 2: Choose your tab style.

Do you want tabs on the bottom or side tabs? If you were selecting file back dividers, during this step you would also select the position of the fastener.

Step 3: Choose your set details.

This step will allow you to select the tab cut type (how big the tabs are), as well as the number of tabs per set.

Step 4: Choose your tab details.

In this step you will select the position of the tab, enter the text to be printed on the tab, and choose the tab color.

Step 5: Select collation.

If you want your tabs to come in collated sets, ready to insert into folders directly out of the box, this step is when you would select collate tabs. If you select do not collate, then the tabs will come grouped by each individual tab.

Step 6: Proofing and ordering.

Now, just review your order! You can view a PDF file showing your tab placement, text and color. After you confirm everything, save your divider set by logging in or creating an account. Custom tab orders must be associated with an account in order to save your work, including all the specifications entered. It also allows you to come back and easily re-order the set without going through the entire process each time.

After saving your tab set, you simply have to check the box to agree to the divider wizard terms and select the number of sets you would like. Once you checkout the magic in our plant happens and you receive your custom dividers!

Custom dividers are a great way to save time and money by quickly and easily setting up chart or file back dividers to your exact specifications. You no longer manually write out, color coordinate, collate, apply fasteners, or do any of the tedious time consuming work that can be better spent on running your business. Instead, simply create your dividers online in five minutes, then when they arrive take them out of the box and plug them into the folder! Easy as pie.

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