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Laboratory Mount Sheets for Organizing Medical Records

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Laboratory Mount Sheets for Organizing Medical Records

Laboratory Mount Sheets for Organizing Medical Records
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Mount sheets for patient charts are an extremely useful tool to collect and organize patient information. Most lab mount sheets have 5 holes drilled at the top in a standard hospital punch pattern, making them easy to insert into a patient chart folder. Laboratory report mount sheets can be found in hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, urgent care centers, and rehabilitation facilities.

Constructed from standard 8.5” x 11” paper, lab mount sheets use a transfer tape to affix the reports. The lab report mount forms come with the transfer tape pre-applied and a liner covering the adhesive. This transfer tape acts like a double sided tape to hold your reports. When the liner is removed, the adhesive is exposed and the lab report data can be attached. Depending on the format of the mount sheet, you can fit anywhere from three to thirteen reports.

Our most popular mount sheet is the BF-VT-3 white lab mount sheet. This laboratory mount sheet has vertical adhesive strips on the left and right side of the page, giving you three areas to apply reports. This view lets you see more of each report without having to flip through many reports. It also has a 5 hole punch at the top so it will fit in your standard patient chart folder. This standard form is also available as a canary laboratory report sheet.

Common patient data applied to laboratory report mount sheets include, but are not limited to:

  • Telemetry Results
  • Hematology Reports
  • EKG and Heart Rhythm Data
  • Chemistry Analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • Therapy Records
  • Post Anesthesia Records
  • Prescription Information
  • Transfusion Records
  • Blood Gas Data
BF-VT-3 Laboratory Report Mount Sheets

If standard lab mount sheets will not fit your needs, we can custom manufacture the mount sheet to fit your needs. The Supplies Shops excels in custom business form manufacturing. Contact us or call 855-473-9921 for more information regarding stock or custom laboratory mount sheets.

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