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To order by phone or for product assistance Call Toll Free: 855-632-8520
To order by phone or for product assistance Call Toll Free: 855-632-8520

Custom Products from The Supplies Shops

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Custom Products from The Supplies Shops

Custom Products from The Supplies Shops
Posted: 2/5/15 | Category:  Envelopes, Filing Supplies, Forms, How-To's | By: 

Did you know that almost all the stock products we offer can be customized? Custom printing, sizes, and packaging can all be configured to meet your needs. Need an item in a different color or material? We can help with that too!

What can we customize?

Some of the most popular items to customize include envelopes, business forms, labels, tape, and folders.

Envelopes are frequently printed, or have customized window locations. We also manufacture oversized and special use envelopes for specific industry needs that cannot be purchased as stock items.

Business forms can be customized with perforations to create receipts, different configurations of color sequences for multi-part forms, and pre-printed with business logos and addresses on multi-part forms, including for continuous feed dot matrix products.

We produce labels in a wide range of custom sizes and shapes. Printed labels are customized with text, graphics, sequential numbering, and even barcoding.

Similarly, tape can be customized with text, images, and logos so your message will be seen every time you pack a box shipment to your customers. This eliminates the need for box sealing tape AND labels.

Finally, filing folders can be constructed to have increased expansion capacity, or we can simply add dividers, pockets, and fasteners to our stock line of folders in any position you need. Printing a chart directly on your folder or dividers can help with office organization. You can also always use our online custom divider wizard to create and review your own set of custom tabs right on the website.

What about pricing?

A common misconception is that custom jobs are going to be ridiculously more expensive than ordering stock items. While this can be true, if only for the minimum quantities required to run a custom order, there are many times where custom products are only slightly more expensive, or in the case of longer runs, the same price as a comparable stock item. Often, something simple needs to be added during the production process, like printing or adding a fastener to a folder before items are packed and shipped. Due to increased production capabilities, some products even have low minimums for customization.

How long do custom orders take?

Custom orders vary from order to order depending on the scope of work and availability of production. Most orders can be produced within two business weeks. Initial custom orders may take longer to setup and get approval. After the initial order, repeats are easier to setup and produce, having the knowledge of the final product from the previous order.

Is it worth it?

Depending on your needs and the type of business or campaign you are running, stock products may be the way to go. If you need blank items to customize products in house, we have many items that allow for that, such as Digi-Clear window envelopes that you can print on your own black and white or color laser printers without the window film wrinkling. Business forms using collated carbonless NCR or collated color copy paper can be used in office to create collated multi-part forms using your standard office laser or inkjet printer. When thinking about the length of time and cost of custom orders though, you also need to consider the time savings you gain from using a single custom product versus multiple files or forms, as well as what the cost of customizing the products yourself would be.

How do I order custom products?

It’s simple! Just contact us via, or call us at 855-473-9921. We’ll run through the information we need to get you a custom quote. We will need to know the quantity you are looking for, where you will be shipping to, and what types of customization you will need. If you have a stock product as a base to work off of, that would be helpful. Alternatively, if you have a current sample that you can scan or send us images of, that could help us to more accurately match your current item.

We’ll also need to know what printing and color requirements you have for the products. Once we have all the information, we can send it to our estimates department who should be able to provide you with a quote within 1-2 business days.

While there are many factors to consider when deciding on custom work, the end result and convenience of having something you can use out of the box often outweighs the initial setup and production process. Contact us for a quote – we hope to work with you on your next custom project!

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