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Buyer’s Guide: Radiology Supplies

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Buyer’s Guide: Radiology Supplies

Buyer’s Guide: Radiology Supplies
Posted: 10/30/13 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  How-To's | By: 

The sensitivity of radiology files is of the upmost importance when organizing your office records. You need the highest quality and most efficient supplies to maintain an organized and secure storage of records. While it may initially seem that buying radiology office supplies is not all that different than any other type of office supplies, in fact, many radiology files require special storage accommodations. Here is a buyer’s guide to help you purchase the proper and necessary radiology supplies for your office.

Protective Radiology Supplies

Some of the most critical supplies in a radiology office are those that protect x-rays and negatives. At The Filing Supplies Shop, we have an extensive selection of protective radiology supplies, including x-ray jackets, negative preservers, as well as CD sleeves and mailers. X-ray jackets are incredibly useful for radiology offices. Without them, x-rays can easily be damaged or ruined when in storage. In fact, the longer x-rays are stored outside of a jacket, the more likelihood there is for damage to occur. What’s more, negative preservers hold an equally beneficial usage when storing and keeping negatives as records. Both types of protective supplies are essential to any radiology office.

When it comes to securing and protecting sensitive documents and x-rays that are vital to your office’s clients and general operations, spending a little extra money is always a smart choice. In addition, buying radiology film supplies like category film inserts and film mailers are not only convenient for your office staff, but simultaneously benefit your patients. Film inserts are primarily used as the standard for indexing film in the x-ray jackets. Our film inserts come in both System I / Mailwell compatible and System II / Ames compatible formats. Also, the category inserts come as open end or open top for easy access and convenience, to meet your filing system needs.

Similarly, the film mailers are made to ensure x-rays and other flat and sensitive radiology supplies are secure and protected while being delivered. At The Filing Supplies Shop, they are offered in three different weights—11 pt manila, and 28 lb. or 32 lb. Kraft. Film mailers also come in self-seal, no seal, and string & button closures. Film mailers also come with a number of pre-printed options such as MRI Film or X-Ray Film with Do Not Bend instructions, and blue or green diamond borders.

Additional Radiology Supplies

Beyond the essential supplies that are pretty much mandatory for a radiology office to use, there are other options that can prove to be invaluable. These include heavy-duty job jackets, which are used to protect documents that are important to radiology offices and patients. The confidential document carrier is another radiology supply that is incredibly useful if you need to transport valuable documents between offices, or to patients. Another item, similar to the confidential document carrier, that is instrumental in many successful offices, is the expandable carrying case with security accessories. These carriers can expand up to 4-1/2” to keep confidential and other sensitive documents and films safe while in transit.


Radiology supplies are critical to a medical office, mainly because they are some of the most sensitive materials that an office can hold. Using the aforementioned information, you should be able to tell exactly which supplies your radiology office needs.

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