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The Essential List of Legal Office Supplies

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The Essential List of Legal Office Supplies

The Essential List of Legal Office Supplies
Posted: 4/4/14 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


Every well-equipped law office relies on a delicately-balanced system of talent and efficiency. You cover the talent. As for efficiency, whether opening your own practice or reordering supplies for the office, any successful law office will need the following basics to run smoothly:

Legal Supplies

For your daily work area, you’ll need the following items to be functional and productive on day one.

  • Coffee machine
  • Desk accessories
  • Pens and pencils
  • Notepads (litigation pads, deposition pads, legal pads)  

Keep organized by stocking legal pads and pre-printed pads for taking depositions and trial notes. Look for pads printed with headers and organizational fields for easy reference and timesaving standardization. Some notepads are available pre-punched to fit easily into two- or three-ring binders.

Desk Staples

Every workplace needs the following items. Managers of law offices may find they also need custom supplies, like paper and rubber stamps, for their requirements.

  • Staplers
  • Hole punches
  • Paper

For each legal operation, you’ll need to stock copy paper in both standard 8-1/2” x 11” and legal 8-1/2” x 14″ sizes. Look for a crisp, heavy weight paper that is suitable for professional stationery and documents. For copying and multi-purpose use, order a jam-resistant standard weight. Find the exact paper you need in bulk at The Supplies Shops: Legal Size Standard Weight Paper

  • Rubber date stamp and ink pad
  • Staple removers
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Note-taking Tools

  • Colored labels and sticky flags
  • Ample supply of sticky notes

Billing & Mailing Supplies

Whether your office follows task-based or hourly billing practices, invoicing clients must be done promptly and accurately to comply with firm policies. Receiving payments depends on timely billing of clients in order to achieve law firm success.

  • Stationery
  • Billing envelopes
  • Security Checks

Protect your clients’ privacy and the confidentiality of your own fee schedule with security checks designed for legal offices. Check out the available safety features, now: Security Checks.

  • Manila envelopes

You can expect legal manila file envelopes to quickly become an office necessity. Ensure a perfect fit and intact delivery when mailing hefty documents with a side-open flap and durable side seams. Stock up today: Legal File Envelopes.

  • Rubber bands
  • Courier mailing materials

Mail or courier documents with complete confidence when you use waterproof legal size mailers. Compatible security features such as numbered locks and routing slips help to protect confidentiality and prevent misdeliveries. Protect your correspondence with confidential mailers.

Filing and Storage Needs

Best practices for filing organization typically include recommendations to color-code files for each type of case. Reasons include quick recognition, and to prevent employees unfamiliar with the case from mistaking them for unrelated files.

Premium storage presents a professional image and is built to last for life. Consult with confidence when you carry sturdy, impeccable file storage systems.

  • Hanging File Folders are available in many sizes and a myriad of color options. Select those that best fit your filing practices.
  • Custom index divider tabs

Associates and paralegals will love our custom tab wizard to help design tabs that match the needs of your firm. Easy to use and reasonably priced, your organizational requirements are finally fulfilled! Check out The Supplies Shops’ File Wizard tool here: Custom File Dividers.

  • Exhibit labels
  • Charge-out record guides

These are completed to indicate where files have been removed and who has them. Build a sound case management system to know, and control, where files physically are at all times and to verify that work is progressing on those files. Click to order charge-out record guides for your office.

  • Case binders

Tabbed case binders are perfect for bulky and active legal files. Records are kept in chronological order using fasteners to allow display of the first page in front. Find out how Case Binders with extra wide tabs are preferable for better visibility.

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