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To order by phone or for product assistance Call Toll Free: 855-632-8520
To order by phone or for product assistance Call Toll Free: 855-632-8520

Simple and Fast Reordering With The Filing Supplies Shop

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Simple and Fast Reordering With The Filing Supplies Shop

Simple and Fast Reordering With The Filing Supplies Shop
Posted: 9/25/13 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


Since 1944 when Drew & Rogers, the parent organization of The Filing Supplies Shop, started selling custom printed forms to local businesses, the purchasing process has changed greatly. Where sales calls, re-order forms, and phone calls used to be mandatory, now everything can be done online within a matter of minutes from the comfort of your home or office. Historically, we primarily filled the needs of medical offices, but have since expanded and made the process of ordering and reordering filing supplies a breeze for accountants, legal services, as well as many other fields that require great organization of workplace files and medical charts.

How Easy Reordering Can Be

The ease and simplicity of ordering or reordering filing supplies and accessories all starts with creating an account on our website. Once you have placed your initial order and need to place a reorder, you simply log back in, navigate to your order history, view the order you want to duplicate, and click the re-order button! In a few clicks of the mouse you are all done! Filing supplies are often considered by professional offices to be the glue that holds many aspects of operations together. Without organization, chaos would surely ensue. Beyond the typical standard end tab filing folders and similar top tab folders, we offer additional items ranging from dividers and labels, to more customized filing systems for fields like radiology. You can read about how easy it is to order our custom dividers using our wizard in our last blog post.

Easy Re-ordering at The Filing Supplies Shop


Reordering Customized Dividers

As talked about last month, our Custom Divider Wizard is a great tool for offices, and using our wizard tool, it’s easy to order the perfect dividers. For many years, placing subsequent orders for office supplies has been limited to generic dividers and other filing products. However, as technology has advanced, the ability to customize filing items with the option to reorder has become available. As anyone working in or running an office knows, having a customized filing system is an essential aspect of smooth operations. Whether it is an accounting firm looking to customize its filing system to better organize client information during tax season, or a general practitioner looking to do the same for his/her patients, customization is undoubtedly key. Many offices are absolutely thrilled to find that they can place personalized orders and reorder without a hassle.

Custom Divider Wizard at The Filing Supplies Shop


From monthly sale items, to a long list of filing products including indexes, file backs, end tab folders, case files, storage boxes, and conversion products, we offer it all. As you can tell from looking at The Filing Supplies Shop, we offer one of the most comprehensive selections of office filing accessories available on the web. We aim to make reordering and customizing your items as easy as possible; because, after all, there is no substitute for seamless organization in a professional setting. It makes the business run smoother, and consequently, leaves the customers much happier.


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