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Direct Mail Made Easier with U-Seal Pressure Seal Forms

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Direct Mail Made Easier with U-Seal Pressure Seal Forms

Direct Mail Made Easier with U-Seal Pressure Seal Forms
Posted: 2/19/22 | Category:  Supplies Shops Product Highlights | By: 

When preparing direct mailings, stuffing envelopes is often one of the most time-consuming tasks. It often requires the work of multiple people, and can really add a lot of time between when a mailing is first printed and when it actually goes out in the mail.

Fortunately, The Supplies Shops has a simple solution: U-Seal pressure seal forms are an excellent alternative to stuffing individual printed mail pieces into an envelope. Instead, you can quickly seal the mailer yourself without the need for extra equipment or fussing with traditional envelopes. Learn more about how these self-sealing mailers can be used for your business.

How U-Seal Forms Work

U-Seal pressure seal forms can be a gamechanger for your direct mailing. Although a pressure seal product, U-Seal forms only require 10 pounds of pressure to create a bond. This allows you to seal your mailer by hand quickly and easily. Self-sealing mailers eliminate the need for you to purchase and maintain expensive pressure sealing equipment. Although designed to be sealed by hand, U-Seal pressure seal mailers can also be sealed by burster or table top folder if you prefer.

Ways to Use Self-Sealing Mailers

One of the best features of U-Seal pressure seal forms is that they are so versatile for businesses and organizations. U-Seal hand sealed pressure seal forms can be used for countless applications ranging from billing statements to special promotions and sales. They’re also useful for cancellation notices or summary reports and notices. Ideal for government agencies, utility companies, businesses, and even schools, U-Seal pressure seal forms make it possible to quickly print, seal and mail your form while using fewer resources and spending less.

Without having to spend time and money to pay for additional envelopes, printing the envelopes, and the labor to stuff and seal envelopes, you can focus on your mailing project and meeting deadlines with U-Seal pressure seal forms.

Tips for Self-Sealing Mailers

At The Supplies Shops, our U-Seal pressure seal forms are designed with convenience in mind. Simply print directly on our 8-1/2” x 11” blank Z-fold U-Seal forms, which are laser compatible, and then fold in a Z pattern and apply pressure. You will have your piece ready to mail in no time!

If our stock 8-1/2” x 11” Z-fold blank laser cut U-Seal form doesn’t meet your needs, we can custom make a hand-sealed mailer that will be suitable for you. Custom designs include additional fold options, such as C fold, V fold and 14” eccentric Z fold. We can also include a die cut window with glassine patch on your hand sealable pressure seal forms. Whatever type of U-Seal pressure seal forms you need, we’ll customize it for you. For more information, you can view our page regarding custom business forms.

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