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To order by phone or for product assistance Call Toll Free: 855-632-8520

Colored Filing Folders: Increase productivity within your business!

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Colored Filing Folders: Increase productivity within your business!

Colored Filing Folders: Increase productivity within your business!
Posted: 6/7/18 | Category:  Filing Supplies, How-To's | By: 

colored filing folders in 10 color options

Keeping your files organized and neat can be difficult. The amount of time spent finding files can be wasteful and costly in the long run. Our 11pt end tab colored filing folders may be your solution! The bold colors stand out and make retrieving files a painless process! The folder has a full cut end tab that allows for easy shelf filing and 2 fasteners that keep files securely attached. There are 10 color options available: blue, goldenrod, gray, green, lavender, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. If a file is out of place, it is obvious and can be easily resolved. For additional organization, these folders have scored tick marks for color coded labels to be applied.

The Facts

Studies show that 80% of the cost of filing is in people time. The largest costs occur during the time spent looking for lost files. Research shows that lost files cost around $122 each. This may not seem like a lot initially but as we know, costs add up quickly. Color catches the eye and makes retrieval times much quicker. Your eye recognizes color coded files 40-45% faster than standard files. Color coding can make your business more organized and less frustrating. In the long run, operations will be more productive and costs will be reduced in this area.

Paper Filing – A Viable Option

Traditional paper filing has been decreasing ever since the growth of electronic filing systems. However, an electronic file cannot always mimic the tangibility and familiarity of a hard copy. Paper filing still holds viability in many ways:

Advantages of traditional filing:

  • Less complex than electronic systems and easier for personnel to use
  • Electronic systems can be hacked from anywhere, paper filing is secure in one place
  • Costs are small, anyone can do it
  • Can customize as you please, electronic filing may have limitations to how you can manipulate forms
  • No need to upload and scan papers


Optimizing Your Workplace

Colored filing folders can make your filing system more efficient. It is proven that color jumps out and is easier to identify than dull neutral colors. You will be able to find your documents faster and notice if something is out of place. This will have you spending less time looking for files and more time getting things done. Paper filing has never been easier!


Do not see what you want? Try our full selection of colored end tab file folders, or contact us to discuss further customization options or fill out our custom file folder quote form online!

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