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Brightly Colored Envelopes: A simple way to spice things up!

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Brightly Colored Envelopes: A simple way to spice things up!

Brightly Colored Envelopes: A simple way to spice things up!
Posted: 5/30/18 | Category:  Envelopes, Supplies Shops Product Highlights | By: 

When you think of an envelope, what do you picture? Most likely you are seeing a plain white envelope containing a bill of some sort. Good news! Our brightly colored envelopes will change your perspective. These envelopes are #10 regular size business envelopes measuring 4-1/8″ x 9-1/2″ that feature diagonal seams and a v-flap. The vibrant colors will bring life to your everyday business communications! Choose from 11 bold colors that include: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Lime, Blue, Green, Lemon, Tangerine, Cherry, and Fuchsia!

Business Brightly Colored Envelopes

These bright colors will catch your recipient’s eye and entice them to open it. Spice up your invoices, letterheads, statements and other business documents with colored envelopes as a simple alternative! Looking to add more of your own touch? Being laser and inkjet compatible, printing on these envelopes is fast and easy from almost any printer!


Why Direct Mail?

Being able to communicate digitally in real time is a privilege we have come to know and expect. The speed and reach is seemingly endless. How could it get any better than that? In actuality, digital advertising may not be as effective as it seems. With display advertising, you may be reaching a large market which helps with branding, but the amount of people who actually click and read the content is very slim.

Digital advertising statistics show that you are lucky if you can get a 0.14% click through rate from display ads. To put that in perspective: If the ad is seen by 3,000,000 people, a click rate of 0.14% would lead to 4,200 users interacting with your content. With direct mail, the rates are much higher. Almost half of the people who receive your piece will stop to open the mail and read the message. This means, to get the attention of the 4,200 people mentioned above, you would only have to mail out to about 10,000 people, compared to the 3,000,000 needed in digital advertising. The emotional response of traditional mail, coupled with physically handling the mail piece creates an instant interaction that leads to higher response rates and increased message recall. If the message is done well, a targeted mailing can have significant results.

See our direct mail blog for more information about direct mail and how to incorporate it into your advertising efforts!

The Perfect Pairing – Direct Mail Marketing and Brightly Colored Envelopes

Direct mail helps you reach a more targeted market and has proven time and time again to get a greater response. With the addition of these bright colored envelopes, recipients will be drawn to the unique and bold color that stands out in a sea of dull white envelopes. Brightly colored envelopes are a cost effective direct mail choice that will correlate into increased response from recipients. These envelopes are clearly the “bright” choice!


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