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Solving the Top Tab, End Tab Debate

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Solving the Top Tab, End Tab Debate

Solving the Top Tab, End Tab Debate
Posted: 8/15/13 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 

One of the most common issues we see here at The Filing Supplies Shop is confusion with terminology of products. Two items that cause a great deal of confusion for our customers are end tab folders versus top tab folders. We’re hopeful that after reading this blog you’ll be able to tell the differences between these two items, and be on your way to becoming a folder expert!

Below you’ll see two different style folders; one is an end tab folder and the other is a top tab folder.

The Filing Supplies Top Tab Folder The Filing Supplies End Tab Folder

Looking at the folders, we can see the tab on the red folder (shown right) sticks out on the short side, while the green folder (shown left) has tabs sticking out on the long side. The spine of each folder is on the bottom and the pictures are showing the proper way to store these specific file folders.

The red folder is called an end tab folder. End tab folders can also be referred to by other names such as side tab folders and medical charts.

As you can see, the tab is on the side, or the short end when filed. This type of file is designed and used in open shelf filing systems (as seen in the below picture). Thus, it is also sometimes called an open shelf filing folder. With so many names for this one type of folder, you can see how there would be confusion when ordering! These folders are commonly used in medical offices, where patient records are kept and organized using matching color-coded labels. This allows employees to quickly identify and pull the patient records as needed.

Utilizing End Tabs

The green folder on the other hand, is a top tab folder. Notice how the tabs are on the top when the item is filed. Top tab folders are used in drawer filing systems (as seen below). Top tab files make file identification easy when being stored in a drawer. These folders come in a variety of colors and tab placements.

Utilizing Top Tabs

You are now well on your way towards becoming a folder expert, but don’t forget to check back for future lessons. If you are still having issues deciding which file type is best for your office, simply contact us by emailing or calling us (toll-free) at 855-473-9921.

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