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5 Most Underutilized Office Supplies

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5 Most Underutilized Office Supplies

5 Most Underutilized Office Supplies
Posted: 4/29/14 | Shop:  Filing | Category:  Filing Supplies | By: 


With a heavy emphasis on reducing costs, many businesses are cutting back on purchasing, find that they’re just not using a good portion of the supplies they order. Can some of these be eliminated? How can we put the supplies we already have to better use?

Read on to find out which are the five top underutilized office supplies!



Busier offices should be using these folders when they have very active filing needs. More durable than standard manila stock filing folders, pressboard folders are less likely to fall apart with use. Reinforced with rip-proof Tyvek tape gussets, this type of folder can handle more documents at a time, and holds up well with repetitive filling.



Binder clips are one of those office supplies that people use only occasionally. But, look around and you’ll find that they can be used for nearly anything! If your binder clips are still hidden in your supply closet, only taken out to clip reports together, then they’re going to waste.

Use binder clips to:

  • Wrap or clip cords together to keep them neat.
  • Clip drawer rails to keep hanging folders from sliding.
  • Hold photos, recipes, or to-do lists in sight.
  • Hang documents or paper from hooks.
  • Create a makeshift clipboard.


Just as a handwritten thank-you note makes a greater impression after a successful job interview, sending physical documents or sales materials to partners and prospective clients can indicate more attentiveness and care in professional services. Emailed contracts and attached PDFs just don’t carry the same professional weight.

Send a message that sets you apart by sending client documents on crisp stationery and mailing them in either a business envelope, or in a larger booklet envelope, which protects your documents without folding them.


When your body gives out, so does your concentration.

If you’ve ever suffered from chronic pain, you already know this. Carpal tunnel syndrome affects many–and not just people with desk jobs. Hairstylists and restaurant servers are other careers that are exceptionally prone to developing carpal tunnel issues.

Are you doing simple things right now to prevent chronic injury in your future?

If you’re like most people and have no symptoms, you’re hardly concerned. Wait several years and see if that changes.

Fortunately, if you do use a computer for your job, there are prevention tools that cost little NOW in terms of time and thought. ask amy denver Preventing surgery is much easier than recovering from it.

Invest in one of these devices to keep your wrists healthy:

  • Vertical ergonomic mouse – An early warning sign that you may be developing problems due to the standard mouse are a stiff elbow or shoulder on your dominant side. A vertical mouse keeps the wrist in a neutral position and is great for anyone who suffers from tendonitis, tennis elbow, or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Typing pads and wrist rests – Throw one on your desk, use it daily, and you’ll have adjusted within a week, relieving yourself of unnecessary wrist pain in the future.
  • Split keyboards – These take a bit longer to feel natural, but many can be adjusted, allowing you to find your perfect typing angle.


Think about your office utility cart—there’s a good chance that it’s sitting in a corner or a closet, piled high with boxes of old documents or other clutter, rendering it useless for its real purpose.

So, how else can you use your utility cart?

  • Moving heavy objects using the utility cart to reduce workplace injuries and reduce the manpower to do tasks around the office.
  • Useful for bringing in food for company luncheons.
  • Transport computers safely between offices.
  • Deliver packages to employees all at once instead of interrupting their work tasks by asking them to come pick up.
  • Collect recycling bins for disposal.

Don’t let purchased supplies sit around in the corner of a supply cabinet! Take the lead on fully utilizing the company’s resources.

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