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To order by phone or for product assistance Call Toll Free: 855-632-8520

Video: Chart Dividers And Filebacks

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Video: Chart Dividers And Filebacks

Video: Chart Dividers And Filebacks
Posted: 11/13/14 | Category:  Filing Supplies, How-To's, Workplace | By: 

Supplies Shops’ goal is to make ordering supplies for your business as easy and affordable as possible.

Have a business that uses lots of paper? Need to organize it all, but not sure where to start? Supplies Shops will show you how to use chart dividers and filebacks to optimize your organization and maximize productivity for any business.

Supplies Shops is going to show you examples of our chart dividers and file backs and what you need to know when placing an order for a custom or stock version.

Both chart dividers and filebacks are used to organize paperwork within file folders. Standard chart dividers are secured into the chart with a two prong fastener. Holes along the side or along the top secure the dividers into place.  When adding papers to a chart, the dividers slide off, papers are added and then they are slid back on and secured.

Filebacks also secure using the two prong fasteners.  The main difference between chart dividers and filebacks is that filebacks have a two on each divider so papers can be added without having to remove all of the dividers each time.

There are several things to keep in mind when ordering dividers.  First is the location of the tabs.  You can have tabs located on the bottom, known as end tabs, or along the long side, known as side tabs. Next, the placement of the holes to attach the dividers to the folder fastener.  This will either be a fastener along the spine or a fastener along the top of the folder. Last is the number of tabs, the cut and number of banks.

The number of tabs is a count of the total number of dividers required within a set.  The cut determines the size of the tabs and how many will fit into a single row. A bank refers to a single row of tabs. For example, if you have 10 tabs in a 1/5th cut, you will have 2 banks or rows of 5 tabs.

Supplies Shops\’ Filing Shop offers both custom printed and stock patient chart dividers and filebacks.  When customizing your dividers, you can choose the color of the tabs and the text that is printed on each one.  You can also customize by adding body copy.  This is printed text or a form added to the body of the divider.

You can create and order your own custom dividers using our custom divider wizard on the website.

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