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How to Stay Productive in an Open Office Space

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How to Stay Productive in an Open Office Space

How to Stay Productive in an Open Office Space
Posted: 10/23/14 | Category:  How-To's, Workplace | By: 

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The internet has turned talent into a commodity, and creative people have made billions with online startups like Facebook. One unique technique deployed by many startups is open office space, because it encourages interaction between the employees. The opportunity for constant brainstorming promotes creative thinking, and innovative solutions. While this modern system can be challenging, there are several ways to ensure the open office space runs more efficiently than a traditional setting.

Open Seating

It’s profound how much a creative mind can benefit from a change of scenery. The open floor plan should encourage employees to sit where they feel the most comfortable. Employees should also have the freedom to change seats whenever they feel the need. A different seat may be a more strategic position, for accomplishing a particular task. Employees are more productive when not making repetitive trips from an assigned seat to a copy or fax machine. Open seating also encourages interaction between the employees, which builds strong professional relationships.

Encourage Synergy

Chemistry is an intangible bond between employees that increases productivity. Relationships develop naturally based on strengths and weaknesses rather than date of hire. There are also fewer wasted man-hours because communication between departments is done in person as opposed to sending messages. First-hand communication also decreases response times. Decisions are made in an instant, and the entire workforce is maximized. Decreased downtime equates to better profits while keeping the employees excited about meeting future goals.

Reward Strong Performances

Tickets to shows, vacation packages, and monetary compensation are excellent motivators, but they’re also very expensive. Fortunately, there are less extravagant means of motivating employees. Gas cards and exclusive parking are more desirable when presented as the rewards to a special promotion. The winners of the promotions should be heralded, and the open floor plan helps to spread the word. Other employees strive to win future promotions more for the bragging rights than the modest rewards.

Promote From Within

Once excellent team chemistry has been established, it is easy to perpetuate through internal promotions. Most employees will naturally follow a few others, and leaders will naturally emerge. This peer-based promotional system ensures the best candidate for promotion is always selected. There’s no need to disrupt the company’s flow with external supervisors who have no knowledge of the company’s vision.

The open floor plan allows new employees to learn every detail of the company from a hands-on perspective by being able to see what everyone’s role is. Those who thrive will become future leaders in the company, because they’re already familiar with every aspect of the business.


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