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Amp Up Your Office Productivity with 3 Simple Tips

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Amp Up Your Office Productivity with 3 Simple Tips

Amp Up Your Office Productivity with 3 Simple Tips
Posted: 9/11/14 | Category:  How-To's | By: 

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Productivity is comprised of many factors. Technology, employee morale, teamwork, and creativity all impact the amount and quality of work performed. By leveraging these factors, managers can revitalize a stagnant team and pave the way for growth and profit.

Here are three ways to increase office productivity:


  1. Hire the right people. People are a company’s most valuable asset. Talented, driven employees can find creative solutions to tough problems, adapt to fast-paced changes, and inspire growth in coworkers. Great employees also learn quickly, work well in both individual and group settings, and are eager to take on more responsibility.


Look for candidates who possess not only the right skills and experience, but also a team-centric and proactive attitude. Employees with these traits offer long-term potential and also reduce turnover and the high cost of rehiring.


  1. Adopt new technology. It pays to work smarter, not harder. Adopting new technology can save you and your employees time, money, and headaches.


In fact, you can find many free or low-cost business apps online. Cloud sharing tools can help your team collaborate from anywhere in the world. If you operate a small business, you may even be able to save money on office software. The acclaimed Google Drive packs email, office applications, cloud sharing, and other great tools into one free, user friendly interface.


Mac users can find a library of productivity software on the App Store and install them with one click. If you work in retail, consider investing in point of sale software that automates many administrative tasks and can help you market your products.


  1. Take plenty of breaks. You know the old saying about work and play. Humans aren’t designed to work ceaselessly for 8 or more hours, and the last thing you want is dullness. Try scheduling breaks for team lunches, team activities, and perhaps even group exercise.


Break your team up into pairs and host a competition with a fun prize for the winners. These activities get the blood flowing, refresh the brain, and boost solidarity and morale. If you work in a customer or patient intensive setting, consider having employees work in shorter bursts with more rotations to help counter burnout.


You and your employees may also benefit from the Pomodoro technique, which consists of 25-30 minutes, or one “pomodori,” of activity followed by a 3-5 minute break and a longer 15-30 minute break after every four pomodori.

Remember that people are the most valuable asset. Try to schedule a meeting and ask your employees if they have any productivity tips to share with the team. You never know what gems you’ll discover.


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