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5 Office Supplies You Can’t Live Without

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5 Office Supplies You Can’t Live Without

5 Office Supplies You Can’t Live Without
Posted: 8/29/14 | Category:  Filing Supplies, Workplace | By: 

assorted stationery items laid out on a desk

5 Essential Office Supplies

Paper and pens are staples in every office. No one can function without these items at their fingertips. However, while a legal pad and cheap ballpoint pen get the job done, you need more advanced office supplies to really be productive and perform at your full potential.

Some supplies are desk essentials, others are needed just to add some color and personality into your day. The following office supplies are must-haves for every office; make sure your office manager knows what your office needs when they put in the next order.

red staplerRed Swingline Stapler

Just about everyone has a boring old black stapler in the top drawer of his or her desk. While this stapler can get the job done, no stapler can perform like a Swingline. Pick up a red Swingline stapler and you’ll have a great pick-me-up every time you look at it. Moreover, it’s a great conversation starter for friends and clients who are fans of the cult classic movie, “Office Space”.


Paper-Based Calendar

Smart phones and tablets all come with calendar features that are supposed to simplify life and keep you on task. But technology fails all too often.

What happens when the power goes down in the building and you can’t get into your computer to access your Outlook calendar? Or, you misplace your smartphone and know you are late for an appointment, but you can’t remember which one? You are lost without it, right? Not really. If you keep your appointments on a paper-based calendar on your desk, you have everything you need to be completely organized at a glance.



You work in an office – you can’t show that you have a personality, right? Wrong.

When you are handling inter-office notes and preliminary work products, a personalized stamp can be just the right thing to bring a smile to your face or that of a coworker. You can pick up “Like” and “Dislike” stamps (a la Facebook), and other funny stamps. Use these sparingly, though, and know your audience. Professionalism may require you limit such humor to appropriate moments.


rainbow of colorful filing folders

Filing System

Sure, the office probably has a central file room where client files and project information is stored. You have to find a way to keep your personal projects and work tasks organized at your desk. Pick up some colorful file folders, bright tabs, and other necessary items to set up a file system at your desk.

The most effective way to organize things for many is by the due date, however, you can organize however you like as long as it helps you get the job done.


washi tape stacked in multiple patterns

Washi Tape

Washi tape is popular among crafters and those who still embrace the beauty of a paper-based day planner. Washi tape is paper tape that is removable. Washi tape is great for marking documents, highlighting things in your day planner or personal notes, or drawing attention to something on the large calendar in the break room. This tape comes in thousands of colors, styles, and widths. You can find nearly any design you can think of.


Keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list. The items that your office can’t live without will be largely based upon the purpose of your office.

To find the items that help increase your productivity and creativity, visit SuppliesShops.com – we can help outfit your office from top to bottom to get you started on the right path to success!







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